DraftKings Reignmakers | Weekly News and Marketplace Inefficiencies (Week 17)

DraftKings Reignmakers | Weekly News and Marketplace Inefficiencies (Week 17)
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In this article, we’ll look at the most impactful NFL news of the week, the best weeklong and seasonlong additions to your DraftKings Reignmakers’ squad, and which SuperStars are the best value adds to fill out the rest of your team.


What Happened This Week in the NFL?

Staying on top of NFL news is difficult. This section highlights the most important announcements of the week and shows how they’ve impacted DraftKings Reignmakers player card prices.

Derrick Henry Misses Practice Monday, No Injury Designation

Derrick Henry did not participate in Monday’s practice after rushing for 126 yards and a touchdown against the Houston Texans this weekend. One missed practice is nothing to be concerned about, but if he misses practices again today, it could be concerning with the Tennessee Titans playing on a short week this Thursday against the Dallas Cowboys. They’re currently on the AFC playoff bubble and will try to force Henry if he can go. Without an injury designation, he is likely more probable than questionable, but this is a situation to watch.

Tua Tagovailoa Re-Enters Concussion Protocol

Tua Tagovailoa is back in the concussion protocol this week after a disappointing 3-interception game against the Green Bay Packers. He started hot, but after turning the ball over multiple times, the Dolphins lost the game. This is concerning for Tagovailoa’s season and career, as he did not seem to take a major hit in that game that would’ve led to a concussion. The Miami Dolphins will likely be more careful than they were earlier this season with their rising star quarterback. Tagovailoa likely leans doubtful for Week 17.

Jalen Hurts to Return in Week 17?

The Philadelphia Eagles clinched the playoffs, despite their loss to the Dallas Cowboys last week. Jalen Hurts missed that game due to a shoulder injury. This week, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni refuses to rule out Hurts. The Eagles do have one thing to play for yet: home field advantage throughout the playoffs. This would be a massive advantage over the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, and Minnesota Vikings. But they only need one more win, and they have two weeks remaining. It would be surprising to see Hurts suit up this weekend. 

Mike White Named Starting Quarterback for Remainder of Season

Zach Wilson is inactive in Week 17 against the Seattle Seahawks. Mike White will take the reins for the New York Jets for the remainder of the season. White has been impressive while healthy, while Wilson was benched last game for poor performance. Despite their inconsistent quarterback play, the Jets are still on the playoff bubble in the AFC. White starting benefits Garrett Wilson, who he has established a good connection with. 

Wait and See Approach for Lamar Jackson and Tyler Lockett Injuries

Lamar Jackson and Tyler Lockett are truly questionable to play this week after both head coaches said they’d take a  “wait and see” approach to their respective injuries. Jackson has been out for multiple weeks, and the Baltimore Ravens already clinched playoffs. He likely leans doubtful considering Week 17 is not that important to the Ravens, aside from the matchup against the rival Pittsburgh Steelers. Lockett, on the other hand, is fighting for the Seattle Seahawks season. He recently had hand surgery, but Carroll was originally optimistic about his chances to play. We’ll have to wait and see.


Weekly Welcomes

Looking to have some fun this week, but don’t really care about the rest of the NFL season? This section highlights the best value adds at each position based on Week 17 projections and prices. Don’t forget to sell your player cards after the week, if you’re not going to use them again.

James Conner - RB - Elite - $70

James Conner’s price dropped significantly this week because the Arizona Cardinals are not a playoff team. He only has two weeks of productivity remaining, but for this week, he is a great option at the ELITE tier for $70. Conner is catching 5+ passes in most of his games, and he is touching the ball at least 20 times per game. He has touchdown upside, and he is usually in the top seven or eight best running backs via consensus projections. Just don’t purchase his player card with the expectation that it’ll have utility for more than these last two weeks of the season.

Josh Jacobs - RB - Elite - $140

Josh Jacobs finally had a bad game last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and while the Las Vegas Raiders are technically still alive to make the playoffs, they likely will not. Jacobs is similar to James Conner this week but with more upside. He is touchdown-dependent, but he finds the end zone in most of his games. The Raiders will continue to rely on him with Derek Carr struggling under center. 


Season-Long Stashes

Looking to add to your DraftKings Reignmakers’ squad for the rest of the year? This section highlights the best long-term value adds for the remainder of the season.

Jalen Hurts - QB- Elite - $439

Jalen Hurts is likely to sit the next two weeks, though he has not yet been ruled out. Even if he does sit out, he is a top option in the NFL Playoffs. Stacking him with A.J. Brown sets a lineup up to win in the second week of playoffs, and the Philadelphia Eagles have the team to go deep into the playoffs, perhaps even all the way to the Super Bowl. With $1 million on the line every week of the playoffs, Hurts will be in high demand when he is fully recovered from his injured shoulder. 

CeeDee Lamb - WR - Elite - $450

There are a few stud wide receivers in the NFL Playoff picture currently: Stefon Diggs, Justin Jefferson, A.J. Brown, and Ja’Marr Chase. CeeDee Lamb fits in there with the best of them, and he could be a high-leverage play, as his name recognition isn’t as high. Pair him with Dak Prescott. The Dallas Cowboys are likely to go deep into the playoffs, but they’ll have to play their way through with the Eagles in first place in the division. That gives Lamb even more upside in the playoffs.


Superstar Steals

Looking for the last piece of the puzzle to your perfect DraftKings Reignmakers lineup? This section highlights the best SuperStar value adds at each rarity tier.

Christian McCaffrey - RB - Legendary - $1,575

While the NFL Playoffs are loaded with high-upside wide receivers, the running back situation is less optimistic. Tony Pollard is splitting with Ezekiel Elliott. The Kansas City Chiefs have been inconsistent at the position all season. The Buffalo Bills prefer to throw the football. Miles Sanders has been disappointing. Joe Mixon has good upside, but he falls off the map sometimes. Dalvin Cook and Christian McCaffrey are the best two options, and McCaffrey has the lead due to his role in the San Francisco 49ers’ passing attack. His LEGENDARY tier player card is expensive but worth it for the huge value he brings to the table during the playoffs.

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