FEWOCiOUS Announces FewoWorld | Here's What We Know

FEWOCiOUS Announces FewoWorld | Here's What We Know
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After dropping a cryptic tweet to welcome the new year, FEWOCiOUS finally unveiled some of the coming details on FewoWorld, the next major project from the 19-year old artist. 

In a tweet around 5:00 p.m. ET, FEWOCiOUS shared the latest in the first FewoWorld drops. 

What Is FewoWorld? 

FewoWorld is the latest web3 experiment from Victor Langlois, better known as FEWOCiOUS. 

The project is separated into three parts, Paint, Canvas, and Fewos. 

Each part will play a role in the build of FewoWorld. 

The first drop, Paint, will take place on Nifty Gateway starting on April 3 at noon ET. 

What Is FewoWorld's Paint Drop? 

Paint is the first of three assets integral for the building of FewoWorld. 

The first drop will take place starting on April 3, with a three hour window from noon to 3:00 p.m. ET for presale and a window from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET for the public. 

There is an unlimited supply of Paint NFTs, of which can be purchased for $500 and $1,000 for presale and public sale respectively. 

Regardless of the amount of Paint Drop NFTs purchased, a user will only receive one NFT with the number of Paint Drops indicated. For example, if you purchase three Paint Drop NFTs - you will receive a Paint Drop which represents those three NFTs. This is similar in nature to the Merge drop Murat Pak ran on Nifty Gateway at the end of 2021. 

The top 50 minters of Paint Drop NFTs will earn a Diamond Paint trophy NFT and one of 100 custom Fewo's (characters for FewoWorld) which are slated to drop later this year. 

Who Can Mint a FewoWorld Paint NFT? 

Anyone is able to mint a Paint NFT from FewoWorld's first drop, Paint. 

Previous holders of Fewo's can receive a presale discount ($500), but the mint is open to the public starting at $1,000 per Paint Drop NFT. 

All holders of previously created FEWOCiOUS x Nifty Gateway NFTs will be eligible for the presale.

If you hold a FEWOCiOUS NFT from outside the Nifty Gateway collections, you have until noon E.T. on March 31 to contact the Fewo team for a presale verification link at team@fewocious.com.


Which FEWOCiOUS Collections Are Presale Eligible for FewoWorld? 

As noted above, any FEWOCiOUS piece is eligible for the presale price of $500 per paint. The only FEWOCiOUS collection that is not eligible is the ComplexCon x FEWOCiOUS collaboration (listed as number 4 here). 

The official FEWOCiOUS Discord lists the following collections inside the official links channel.

All listed floor prices are as of the time of writing. 

1. FEWOCiOUS Official

The collection holds 1,705 NFTs with a floor price of 3.2 ETH. 


The collection holds 909 NFTs with a floor price of 5.45 ETH.

3. Fabricated Fairytales Collaboration 

The collection holds 950 NFTs that were produced solely by Fewo. Pieces from this drop on NiftyGateway are stored inside the original FEWOCiOUS collection link on OpenSea (number 1). The floor price on OpenSea is 3.2 ETH and on NiftyGateway it is $10,000 at the time of writing. 

It cannot be confirmed yet, but if any piece from this collection (even those produced by Odious, Jonathan Wolfe, or Parot_ism) are eligible for allowlist spots, this would be the cheapest entry point into the FewoWorld allowlist. The floor for non-Fewo pieces from this collection on OpenSea is 1.05 ETH. 

4. FEWOCiOUS x ComplexCon***

The collection holds 386 NFTs with a floor price of 2.47 ETH. THIS COLLECTION IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR PRESALE ACCESS. 

5. Fewo World Trophy

The collection holds 365 NFTs with a floor price of 3.9 ETH.

6. Fewo World Mini Charm 

The collection holds 45 NFTs with a floor price of 41 ETH. 

7. Growing Up I'm Scared

The collection holds 6 NFTs with a none listed, and a most recent sale of $250,000. 

8. Growing Up I'm Scared - Open Edition

The collection holds 460 NFTs with a floor price of $22,222.

9. Looking In the Mirror 

The collection holds 39 NFTs with a floor price of $98,000. 

10. NYC Skyline

The collection holds one unlisted NFT. 

11. Hello, i'm Victor FEWOCiOUS and This is My Life!

The collection holds 80 NFTs with a floor price of $77,500.

What Is the Cheapest FEWOCiOUS NFT?

The cheapest entry for a FEWOCiOUS NFT comes from an early 2021 drop on NiftyGateway built in collaboration with musical artist, Two Feet. 

The collection boasts two NFTs, City Hand and CryptoCaster and a floor price of 2.18 ETH at the time of writing. 

While this collection is not discoverable under FEWOCiOUS main collection link on OpenSea, it is included in the official links within the FEWOCiOUS Discord.

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