UPDATED gm NFTs Dec. 22: The Punk Flippening, Le Anime Day 3

UPDATED gm NFTs Dec. 22: The Punk Flippening, Le Anime Day 3
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  • The Forced, Fake Flippening
  • Le Anime Day 3 Auction
  • TokenTax Tax Review

The Fake Flippening

Update: Early Wednesday morning there was a more legitimate Punk flippening, but the two projects have gone back and forth. As of 10:30 am ET, Punks hold a narrow edge in floor price.

Amidst calls for the flippening of CryptoPunks by the Bored Ape Yacht Club, a forced flippening was instituted last night by notable NFT personality and ape holder, "Franklin." While the Bored Ape Yacht Club floor held 51.9 ETH on OpenSea, Franklin listed CryptoPunk 349 for 51.89 ETH, temporarily providing a flippening event when comparing the floors of the two collections. CryptoPunk 349 was immediately snatched up, and business was back to normal with a tightened race, albeit one still led by the CryptoPunks when comparing floor prices. 

All done! Listed and immediately sold my CryptoPunk 349 for 51.89 ETH. So for the duration of less than one second, the #BAYC floor passed the Punk floor. No more “People’s Punk” for me (unless I buy back in lol) pic.twitter.com/cDCrpF2XJ9

Le Anime Auctions Day 3

The third and final day of the Le Anime auctions kickstarts today at 3:00 p.m. ET. Today's auction sets forth the remaining 4,444 NFTs - with unsuccessful bids from yesterday's auction rolling over to today. The auction format introduces a unique concept for NFT participation, allowing willing participants to bid any price they wish - with a minimum bid threshold established. In order to win, you must bid above the reserve bid threshold, but you do not need to bid any more (unless you wish). The top 4,444 bids from today's participants, or unsuccessful rollover bids from yesterday, will take home the last of the NFTs.



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NFT Market Updates

  • Creature World ticked back up a bit after a long spaces event last night from Danny Cole
  • After sellout and reveal in the last few days, newly release Galaktic Gang is back down near mint price at 0.08 ETH floor. 
  • Rumble Kong League keeps rumbling forward, increasing floor to 3.23 ETH.

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