gm NFTs Jan 11: Rug Radio Genesis NFT Drop

gm NFTs Jan 11: Rug Radio Genesis NFT Drop
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  • Rug Radio Genesis NFT Drop
  • NeckVille Reveal
  • CryptoonGoonz Artist, SeanTat2s Joins Lucky Trader NFT Show

Rug Radio Genesis NFT Drop 

Billed as the first fully decentralized media company, Rug Radio is dropping its genesis NFT today at 4:00 p.m. ET to those that hold a membership pass NFT. The membership pass, which can be purchased on the secondary market, acts as not only the key to unlocking today's mint access but the pass that allows holders to "connect into and derive value from the Rug Radio ecosystem." 

Alongside the Genesis NFT drop, per the project's website, the full platform launch is expected to take place today as well. 

The site continues to say that the membership pass will allow holders to do "all kinds of amazing things beyond launch" but that holding more than one membership is not necessary, as those with multiples do not recoup any additional rewards. However, holders with multiple passes can take advantage during the Genesis NFT drop by purchasing one NFT per Rug Radio Membership for 0.11 ETH plus gas.

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NeckVille Reveal

After selling out its collection of 5,555 NFTs on Sunday, NeckVille is slated to reveal at 2:00 p.m. ET. Now that all public assets have been sold, NeckVille will reveal its collection and auction of NeckVillian number one, the Mayor. The winner of the Mayor NFT will receive a $10,000 payment each month for an entire year. 

Once reveal has taken place and the Mayor has been auctioned off, NeckVille will go about looking to complete steps seven and eight on the project roadmap, setting up a fund for community use and eventually releasing a clothing line. 

Once all assets are revealed, you can explorer their rarities on Lucky Trader via the explore collection button below. 

Cryptoon Goonz Artist SeanTat2s Joins Lucky Trader NFT Show

No plans tonight at 7:00 p.m. ET? You're in luck! Tonight our guest on the Lucky Trader NFT Show hosted by Preston Johnson will be Cryptoon Goonz artist, @SeanTat2s. The show will be hosted live on the Lucky Trader YouTube Channel! Tune in to learn more about the Cryptoon Goonz project, Sean's story, and more! 

CoinTracker Cryptocurrency and NFT Tax Software Review

Still looking for a place to do your cryptocurrency and NFT taxes? The Lucky Trader Staff added a CoinTracker review to their tax software reviews. Read the review in full and signup for CoinTracker below. 


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