gm NFTs Mar 3: Brian NFTs Pre-Sale, HyperLoot Delay

gm NFTs Mar 3: Brian NFTs Pre-Sale, HyperLoot Delay
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Good morning! Brian NFT collection releases today, while projects like Dippies and Wonderpals continue to see steady secondary volume. Read on for more! 

Today's Top News:

  • Brian NFTs by Braindom Games Whitelist Mint
  • HyperLoot Pre-Sale Delayed
  • Rarify Raises Series A 

Brian NFTs by Braindom™ Games 

Brian NFTs by Braindom Games launches their project today, consisting of 9,999 unique 3D NFTs at a mint price of 0.25 ETH.  Brian NFT collection is inspired by one of the most popular puzzle and brain teaser games ever, Braindom by Matchingham Games, which has more than 150 million downloads on Android and IOS devices.  Braindom Games have received a number of awards on both mobile marketplaces including: 

  • #1 Top Free App
  • #1 in Word Games Category on the App Store and Google Play
  • #1 in Trivia Games Category on the App Store
  • #1 in Puzzle Games Category on the App Store

Brian NFT has already released teasers for new web3 integration, multiplayer battles like Braindom Survivor Game, hundreds of mini games, and fun puzzles.  Matchingham Games has amassed a solid reputation on the mobile space and looks to expand their market reach in the crypto space, making it clear they know how to successfully launch games.


HyperLoot Pre-Sale Delayed

Yesterday on March 2, HyperLoot announced a delay to their multi-tiered pre-sale launch, postponing to March 7 at 11:00am EST, still open specifically to Loot, Genesis Adventurers, and Hyperlist role/holders.  HyperLoot is a layer-2 visualization based on Loot, which is a collection of 8,000 text-based bags of adventurer gear, originally released by Dom Hofmann.  The project is full CC0, meaning HyperLoot is a building block for anyone to build on top of, while they plan to build out HyperLoot itself.  Hyperloot has also teased concept sketches of potential buildable gameplay styles featuring other CC0 projects including Nouns DAO, Blitmap, Chain Runners, and Cryptoadz.


Rarify Raises Series A Funding

Recently, Rarify has raised $10 million Series A funding at $100 million valuation by Pantera Capital, which is one of the first venture capital firms to focus on crypto and the web3 space as a whole.  Pantera Capital believes that Rarify is disrupting the space by planning to offer software itself to big companies and corporations rather than implementing another token-based members' club marketplace.  Rarify seems to be battling a number of massive companies in the digital and tech space that look to close they gap and create marketplaces of their own to compete with OpenSea.  Despite the good news, Rarify also employs fourteen executive and support staff, including the chief technology officer and engineering head, that currently work/operate out of Kyiv, Ukraine, which fortunately has not been breached by Russian forces as of this morning.  The cofounders of Rarify, Levas Tsivtsivadze and cofounder Lasha Antadze, are Georgian.   

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