Town Hall Recap: Gutter Cat Gang's New Comic and P2E Game

Town Hall Recap: Gutter Cat Gang's New Comic and P2E Game
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On Monday, Feb. 7, Gutter Cat Gang hosted the latest Town Hall to provide project updates to their community and field community questions. 

Key Takeaways: Gutter Cat Gang Comic, first community-led meet-up, Gutter Gives DAO, Gutter Cat Gang's upcoming play-to-earn (P2E) game, and community achievements

Gutter Cat Gang Comic

Gutter Cat Gang’s first-ever comic cover NFT, “Tales From the Gutter," sold out all 9,000 copies that were reserved for Gutter Cat Gang Species holders and the public during the 24-hour pre-sale at 0.04 ETH each. An additional 3,000 comic covers were reserved as free mints for all Gutter Cat Gang Cat holders.

Gutter Cat Gang: Tales From the Gutter features three unique comic covers created by world-renowned comic illustrator Tom Velez, each with three different rarities available (normal, gold, and holographic). Gutter Cat Gang introduced a burn mechanism for comic holders to have the ability to upgrade the rarity of their comics' covers.

In order to upgrade to a gold variant of the comic cover, holders must collect and burn two normal edition NFTs of the same cover. To upgrade to a holographic variant of the comic cover, holders must collect and burn two gold edition NFTs of the same cover.

The physical versions and downloadable comics will be available at the end of Q1 2022.


Gutter Cat Gang's First Community-Planned Meetup

Gutter Cat Gang community member @desatnik organized the first-ever community-planned GCG meetup in Los Angeles on Feb. 18. Community-led initiatives are frequently encouraged by the Gutter Cat Gang and to show support of these initiatives Gutter Labs is covering the bill for the event.


Gutter Cat Gang Charitable DAO

Gutter Cat Gang announced the launch of the GCG Charitable DAO (Gutter Gives DAO) while they continue to finalize the safe and compliant launch of the official GCG DAO.

Gutter Gives DAO is funded with an initial $100,000 by Gutter Labs to be used for charitable initiatives.

Near the end of February, Gutter Cat Gang will release guidelines, proposal templates, and submission links to assist the community with structuring and submitting DAO proposals.


Gutter Cat Gang Play-To-Earn Game

Gutter Cat Gang announced an upcoming P2E (play-to-earn) game scheduled to drop this year called $GANG Wars. There is still a lot of work left to be done, but the $GANG token contracts and tokenomics are under development. 

Game information includes:

  • There will be time-locked staking mechanics with variable boosts based on the amount of time a Gutter Cat Gang NFT is staked.
  • $GANG Wars will be a strategy-based game with heavy game theory.
  • Initially, $GANG Wars will start out as a browser-based game, but the possibility of a mobile app game launching at a later time was hinted at.


Community Achievements

Members of the Gutter Cat Gang community have been hard at work utilizing their ability to use the IP of their Gutter Cat Gang NFTs in creating real-world brands. This week GCG community member @aarontcadena announced the upcoming launch of Gutter Bars, a line of Gutter Cat Gang-themed Delta 8 THC disposable vapes, and was featured in an article in High Times.

Additionally, a collection of Gutter Cat Gang community members launched Gutter Mud Coffee, featuring both prominent Gutter Cat Gang NFTs, like GCG co-founder @gutterdan's Kobe cat and Gutter Mud founders' own Gutter Cat Gang NFTs, on the coffee's packaging.


Community Q&A Session

In this section, Q indicates a question and A indicates an answer (speaker in parenthesis).

This is a summary, not verbatim.

  • Q: In regards to $GANG Wars, will we see a lot of species-on-species violence? Cats on Dogs? Dogs on Pigeons? (@KingBlackBored)
    • A: $GANG Wars pits species against each other and encourages collaborative efforts both between and within each Gutter Cat Gang species (Cats, Rats, Pigeons, and Dogs). Gutter City has fallen into anarchy, and everyone is split into factions and fighting for [redacted]. (Gutter Wang)
  • Q: Will there be another Guttercon event this year similar to last year's event in Las Vegas? (@Tonybravado1)
    • A: Guttercon will be an annual event and the team is currently in the process of planning Guttercon 2022, which is tentatively looking like it will take place near the end of the Summer. The team is looking to host one IRL (in real life) event per quarter. (Gutter Wang)
  •  Q: In regards to $GANG Wars being a strategy game, is there somewhere I could look to do research and development in advance of the game launching to prepare? (@PinballWyzrd777)
    • A: The full game mechanics are yet to be released, but I recommend studying basic ideas of game theory; play Risk or a similar style of game to understand basic levels of game theory. $GANG Wars plans to take a lot of classic board game ideas, new P2E gaming, and DeFi concepts and merge them together to create a next-generation strategy game. (Gutter Wang)
  • Q: Can any information be shared as to how species will work together in $GANG Wars? (@PinballWyzrd777)
    • A: Full Gutter Cat Gang set holders are important to the Gutter Cat Gang ecosystem. There will be special mechanics designed for full set holders and holders of multiple species. There will be different game styles available including a passive playing style so that players can choose how involved they want to be with the game. (Gutter Wang)
  • Q: Did Gutter Cat Gang hire outside help to build the game out? (@CrazyCryptoCarl)
    • A: Partners and consultants have been involved in the development, and there are additional partners in the pipeline to join in the game development. These partners will ideally be revealed publicly in a month or so. (Gutter Wang)
  • Q: Gutter Cat Gang comics are extremely deflationary based on the burn mechanics to receive the different rarities of each comic cover. With as few comic NFTs that may exist after the burning of comic NFTs for the physical copy, are there any future plans for the comic NFT? (@TwoToneTommy)
    • A: I do not want to rule anything out in regards to the comic NFTs providing additional utility within the Gutter Cat Gang, but for now, the plan is for this to first and foremost be a collectible item. While possible utility has been a topic regarding the comic NFTs, no future utility has been established or set in motion. (Gutter Wang)
  • Q: Can you provide a release date on $GANG token and when more information regarding the token will be released for the community? (@RSav333)
    • A: The current plan for the release of $GANG token is near the end of Q1 2022, and a lot more information will be released during Q1 leading up to the actual $GANG launch. The Gutter Cat Gang team wants to give the community time to understand the mechanics of the token and also does not want to spoil any of the surprises regarding $GANG that they have in the works so far. The team has put a lot of time into developing the tokenomics and is carefully managing many aspects of the tokenomics, especially inflation. A lot of time has been spent ensuring the token is fully developed and the team thinks it is best to take the time to ensure the token has no issues once released. (Gutter Wang)
  • Q: Will $GANG token be released prior to $GANG Wars? (@CrazyCryptoCarl)
    • A: The token will be released roughly 2-3 weeks prior to the launch of $GANG Wars so that holders will be able to use the token in the game immediately upon launch. (Gutter Wang)
  • Q: Are there any potential new partnerships in the works? (@maaz3r)
    • A: I cannot state anything specific about potential partnerships, but there are some new partnerships in the works. More info on these to come soon. (Gutter Wang)

Closing Remarks From Gutter Wang

The next town hall will have additional information regarding partnerships, more information on $GANG Wars mechanics, and possibly information on a new merchandise drop.

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