How To Build a DraftKings Reignmakers Lineup

How To Build a DraftKings Reignmakers Lineup
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Football season is upon us, and DraftKings recently released contests for its Reignmakers fantasy football platform. Reignmakers is an innovative new way to play fantasy sports, utilizing NFTs and blockchain technology to help build lineups. 

Below, we’ll walk you through the steps to entering a contest on Reignmakers. Haven’t gotten your first player card NFTs yet? Be sure to claim your free pack

Understanding the Reignmakers Contest Lobby

All of the DraftKings Reignmakers contests for a given week can be found in the Reignmakers Lobby, accessible via the “lobby” tag in the Reignmakers section of the DraftKings site. 

Each week you can find a variety of games with different contest prizes, requirements, and more. 

Below we’ll walk through how you can understand each component of the DraftKings Lobby and choose the contest suited for your Reignmakers portfolio. 




Each DraftKings Reignmakers contest has five different components: tier, requirements, entries (including limits), live (time of start), and prizes. 


The DraftKings Reignmakers Tier indicates the highest necessary player card NFT rarity for a respective lineup. For example, in the Reignmaker Tier, a user must have at least one Reignmaker player card NFT to enter. 


The requirements column showcases the necessary number of player card NFTs and their respective rarities for successful entry into the contest. 

For example, if contest requirements are noted as L (3) and R (2), the contest requires a user to use three Legendary player card NFTs and two Reignmaker player card NFTs. 


The entries column shares three critical pieces of information about the upcoming contest. 

Firstly, the boxed M(x) number identifies how many entries one single user can enter into the contest. For example, if a contest is denoted as M20, a user may enter up to 20 lineups in that contest. 

The number before the "/ " showcases how many entries are currently submitted to the contest. 

Lastly, the number after the " / " indicates how many total entries may be submitted to the contest. Most Reignmakers contests have an unlimited entry pool, however, there are certain contests with a capped number of total entrants. 


The live column identifies the start time for the contest. Those hoping to submit a lineup into the contest must submit their lineup prior to this time. After this time has passed, users will be able to follow the contest standings and see the lineups of their competitors. 


The prize column shows hopeful entrants the total prize pool for an individual prize pool. A full breakdown of the prizes, including the payouts for top finishers and any additional non-cash prizes can be found inside the details section of the contest. 

To access this section, click on the contest, and from the lineup selection page, choose the blue "details" option. This will populate a dialogue box with all the following details about the contest. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 2.50.54 PM.png


How To Build a DraftKings Reignmakers Lineup

Once you've found a contest that suits your risk appetite and matches the requirements of your portfolio, you can start building your DraftKings Reignmakers lineup.

After you've navigated to the lineup building page, notice that all the required lineup spots start as blanks that indicate the positional requirements of the lineup. 

Positional requirements will vary from contest to contest. For example, building a lineup in a Sunday main slate of NFL games will feature different positions than that of a showdown slate (contests for just one NFL game). 

The lineup requirements will also indicate which rarity cards are eligible for each slot. In the following example, Core rarity player card NFTs can be used in each of the four required spots. Additionally, none of them have a specific positional requirement. Therefore, the user can include any four player card NFTs they'd like, so long as the players are included in the slate. 

In the right-hand column, DraftKings makes it easy to know exactly which players are eligible for use in the contest. See a player that you'd like to roster? You can quickly purchase directly from the panel and add the player to your roster. 

If you already have a full squad ready to go, toggle on "Show My Cards Only," and choose from the portfolio that you've built. 


After you've started adding players to the lineup, you'll be able to track the validity of your lineup in the bottom bar of the lineup building page. 

Once you've filled every roster spot and satisfied the rarity and positional requirements, you'll be able to officially submit your lineup. 

Repeat the process for all the contests you'd like to enter! But remember, you can only use each individual player card NFT in one lineup per week. Want to play Dak Prescott in two separate lineups? You'll need two Dak Prescott player card NFTs. 

For more information about DraftKings Reignmakers, refer to our guide on getting started. 

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