How to Earn MILK Tokens in the Cool Cats Cooltopia NFT Game

How to Earn MILK Tokens in the Cool Cats Cooltopia NFT Game
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The new native token of Cool Cats Cooltopia NFT game, MILK, is now live. This article covers how to earn MILK, how to spend MILK, how to buy and sell MILK, and future use cases for MILK.

On Apr. 14, 2022, the much-anticipated Cooltopia game officially went live after months of waiting from Cool Cats and Cool Pets holders. Originally expected in January 2022, the game was delayed due to technical issues and concerns.

Polygon, a scaling solution blockchain attempting to solve common scaling pain points, hard-forked due to a "critical vulnerability," which led to frequent failed transactions for games building on its platform. The Cool Cats team, who also had issues and concerns of their own to work out, could not launch until Polygon smoothed out its upgrade. But now, the game is active and Cool Cats and Cool Pets are earning MILK.

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How to Earn MILK in Cooltopia

There are currently two ways to earn MILK tokens on Cooltopia: passively by holding a Cool Cats NFT and actively by questing with a Cool Pets NFT.

The team is introducing a way to rent a Cool Pet from another holder in the near future. But currently, you must hold a Cool Cat or Cool Pet to earn MILK in the game.


Earn MILK With Cool Cats

Earning MILK with Cool Cats is passive and simple. 

If you have a Cool Cats NFT, link your crypto wallet to the official website and click the “claim” button on the left side of the menu at the top of the screen. Choose “cats claim” and your accumulated MILK will automatically be claimed.

MILK will consistently accumulate, and you can claim whenever you want. Whether you claim once a week, once a month, or once a year, MILK will be added to your account at the same rate.

Currently, Cool Cats earn a base rate of 1,000 MILK tokens per day with a bonus based on tier. The least rare tier earns 50 MILK tokens per day extra, and each bump in tier rarity increases the total amount of MILK earned per day by 50 tokens. Here is a full chart of MILK earnings for Cool Cats:

Cool Cat Tier Base Rate Daily Bonus $MILK/Day
Cool 1 1,000 50 1,050
Cool 2 1,000 100 1,100
Wild 1 1,000 150 1,150
Wild 2 1,000 200 1,200
Classy 1 1,000 250 1,250
Classy 2 1,000 300 1,300
Exotic 1 1,000 350 1,350
Exotic 2 1,000 400 1,400
1/1 Unknowns 1,000 450 1,450

Values are subject to change as the Cool Cats team balances its gaming ecosystem.


Earn MILK With Cool Pets


Earning MILK with Cool Pets is an active and more complicated process.

Connect your crypto wallet to the official website, click the meowpad button on the right side of the menu at the top of the screen, and then click “quests.” 

First, you’ll have to roll for quests. Each quest has a different rarity from common to legendary. The rarer the quest, the more potential MILK your Cool Pet can earn by completing it. Here is a full chart of quest rarity probabilities on each roll:

Quest Rarity Roll Probability
Common 24%
Uncommon 40%
Rare 30%
Epic 4%
Legendary 2%

Once the quests have been rolled and populated on the screen, choose one of the five possibilities. Click “select a pet,” pick your Cool Pets NFT, and click “begin quest.” Confirm you want to start the quest, and a new screen will display that reads, “embarking on quest.”

Once the quest is over, you’ll see how much MILK your Cool Pet earned. Here is a full chart of how much MILK you can earn from questing for each rarity level:

Quest Rarity Min MILK Max MILK Item
Common 18 38 Variable
Uncommon 27 57 Variable
Rare 54 114 Variable
Epic 126 226 Variable
Legendary 360 760 Variable

Values are subject to change as the Cool Cats team balances its gaming ecosystem. 

In addition to MILK, Cool Pets can bring back items from quests. But eggs can’t carry items, which means you’ll have to evolve your Cool Pet to unlock this ability.


How to Spend MILK in Cooltopia

MILK is the native utility token for all of Cooltopia, the Cool Cats and Cool Pets gaming ecosystem. It is expected to be integrated into most or all upcoming game features. But currently, MILK can be used for three purchases: pet supplies (chests), marketplace items, and quest re-rolls. 


Spend MILK on Pet Supplies


To spend MILK on pet supplies, or chests, open the meowpad on the right side of the menu at the top of the screen and select "cool shop" below the meowpad button. 

There are three purchase options: pet supplies 1x, pet supplies x2, and pet supplies x3. All pet supply chests are the same, and there is no discount to buying multiple at once. 

Each pet supply chest contains five total items. Items can be used to evolve Cool Pets from egg to final form or sold on the marketplace.

Click purchase under the number of pet supply chests you want, confirm the transaction, and then the pet supply chest will go into your items tab.

To open the pet supply chest, choose it from the items tab, and click the open button. Confirm the transaction, and the cool box will automatically open. The items you've collected will display on screen and go into your items tab.

Items can then be listed on the marketplace or used to evolve your Cool Pet.


Spend MILK on Marketplace Items


To spend MILK on marketplace items, click on the market tab on the left side of the menu at the top of the screen. All available items will populate, sorted by cheapest to most expensive.

All of these items are sold on the secondary market by other users. These are the same items you can purchase from a pet supply chest. 

There are four item categories: toy, decoration, friend, and food.

You can search for specific items using the search bar at the top right of the screen. 

To purchase, click the buy button of the right side of the screen.


Spend MILK on Re-Rolling Quests

To spend MILK on re-rolling quests, go to the quests tab next to the market tab. Once the quests populate, you'll see a collection of common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary options. If none of these options are to your liking, click the "roll new quests" button.

Confirm that you want to spend MILK on re-rolling your quests, and the quests will automatically re-roll. 

Re-rolls are unlimited, as long as you have the MILK to pay for them. 

All MILK spent on re-rolling quests is burned, per the Cool Cats official website


How to Buy and Sell MILK on Exchanges

Currently, MILK is only available on QuickSwap. More liquidity pools are expected to open in the near future. 

Only buy, sell, and swap MILK on official, verified exchanges. 


Future Use Cases for MILK

The current iteration of Cooltopia, along with the various use cases for the project's native MILK token, is only the beginning. The Cool Cats team has stated on multiple occasions that this is only the start of an entire gaming ecosystem.

Within the game itself, a few future use cases for MILK have already been alluded to. Questing and the Adventures' Guild expansion, crafting new items, housing and potential Cooltopia land ownership, and a battling system are all already in the works.

The team has also hinted that alternative use cases outside of what has already been alluded to on the Cool Cats official website are in the works. Not all of these use cases are directly related to the game. In a prior town hall, it was mentioned that MILK might be able to be used to buy exclusive art from Cool Cats founder, clon. 

The team has also adamantly expressed their desire to grow the Cool Cats IP and brand into non-web3 spaces. Whether or not MILK will be incorporated into these IP and brand expansions is yet to be seen.

This section will be continuously updated as more information is released or alluded to by the Cool Cats team. 

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