Introducing Lucky Trader's DraftKings Reignmakers Lineup Builder

Introducing Lucky Trader's DraftKings Reignmakers Lineup Builder
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Football season is in full swing and on the DraftKings Reignmakers fantasy football platform, more game types and even more contests are available to Reignmakers players. 

For example, in Week 4 DraftKings unveiled the Deep Roster format, providing contests that require lineups with nine player card NFTs instead of five. Plus, the NFL started playing its London NFL games, opening up another slate, and more contests for committed Reignmakers players. 

And with all these contests happening across rarity tiers, it’s often difficult to understand exactly the best way to manage your portfolio and even make sense of what lineups you are capable of building and for what contests....until now. 

With Lucky Trader’s Reignamkers Lineup Builder, you can quickly and easily identify the lineups you’re able to build on each respective slate based on your existing portfolio.

How To Use Lucky Trader's Lineup Builder

Here’s how to make the most of the Lucky Trader Portfolio Tool and Lineup Builder. 

Step 1: Load Lucky' Traders DraftKings Reignmakers Portfolio Tool 

Access to all of Lucky Trader's DraftKings Reignmakers tools can be found in the Reignmakers tab of the top navigation menu. 

To access our lineup builder, start by selecting "portfolio" and populating the Lucky Trader Portfolio Tool.

Here users can load a full breakdown of their current DraftKings Reignmakers Portfolio, complete with valuable information like their net marketplace spend, the current floor price of the player card NFT, and the most recent sale price as well. 

Additionally, we've added a rest-of-season expected value (EV) calculation and the current week's fantasy point projection, determined using the industry average of notable fantasy projection systems. 

Want to sort your portfolio by only running backs or wide receivers? Simply filter the appropriate position using our enhanced filter options at the top of the page. 

Once you've assessed your portfolio inventory, you're ready to build lineups with our Lineup Builder. 

Step 2: Enable the 'Lineup Builder' Feature

To enable the Lineup Builder feature, toggle your portfolio view into Lineup Builder mode at the top of the page. 

After you've toggled to Lineup Builder, you can first begin identifying potential lineup creations by selecting the slate for which you're trying to build a team. 

Step 3: Select Your Contest Settings

For example, if you wish to assess your portfolio's ability to create a team for the Core Main Slate, then select it from the list of options in the dropdown. 

It's important to note in order to identify exactly which lineups you're able to create, you'll need to select the appropriate contest date, format (deep roster or not), and rarity tier. 

Step 4: Build Your DraftKings Reignmakers Lineup

After you've selected the slate, click the "Add Lineup" button to generate the lineup builder.

Once you've done so, your portfolio will highlight only the available player card NFTs that are eligible for use in a contest with the respective settings. 

Player card NFTs that are not eligible for use in the are grayed out and labeled "Not In Slate." Those players that are eligible for the contest settings you've selected will show in full color, and indicate the an industry average fantasy point projection total. 

Simply clicking player card NFTs will move them from your portfolio, into the lineup builder tool at the top of the page. 

From this view, you'll be able to evaluate the players that are left over in your portfolio below, as well as visualize the projected point total for each respective lineup you build. 

Continue this process for any and all lineups you're looking to build on DraftKings Reignmakers. 

Need more help on building your lineup, check out our DraftKings Reignmakers content for strategies and tips to excel on the newest fantasy football platform. 

Disclaimer: The author or members of the Lucky Trader staff may own NFTs discussed in this post. Furthermore, the information contained on this website or the Lucky Trader mobile application is not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as financial advice. AI may have assisted in the creation of this content.