Kitbash Boogers | Toy Boogers Teams Up With Cool Cats, Deadfellaz, and Robotos

Kitbash Boogers | Toy Boogers Teams Up With Cool Cats, Deadfellaz, and Robotos
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On Mar. 10, Toy Boogers announced its newest collaboration project: Kitbash Boogers, a mix-and-match partnership between Toy Boogers, Cool Cats, Deadfellaz, and Robotos.

The collection of 1,111 artwork NFTs combine the traits of all four of these successful NFT projects in a seamless way. Doug, the artist behind Toy Boogers, and team members from the rest of the projects worked together to select the best-fitting traits. Then, each selected trait was hand-drawn and composed by Doug to create a brand new artwork.

Mint details and a summary of Toy Boogers most recent Twitter Spaces speaking about the new ground-breaking collaboration follows.




Kitbash Boogers Announcement and Details

Kitbash Boogers is an expansion collection of 1,111 hand-drawn, hand-mixed cartoon NFTs created by the Toy Boogers artist, Doug, in collaboration with Cool Cats, Deadfellaz, and Robotos.

Each NFT is a unique 1/1 artwork minted on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection will have its own metadata and rarity system.

Kitbash Boogers NFT holders will have full membership utility into the Toy Boogers family. This can be considered a Genesis (V1.2) expansion to the Genesis V1 Toy Boogers project. Toy Boogers will, however, always have a slight degree more utility than Kitbash Boogers. 

The collection will be released 100 percent via allowlist. There will be no public mint. Each project that participated in the making of Kitbash Boogers will have an equal amount of allowlist spots to distribute to their communities via giveaways, games, and contests.

Pagzi Tech Inc., the dev team partners of Toy Boogers, are handling all of the development needs for Kitbash Boogers. Toy Boogers is handling the drop, and all questions or concerns regarding the NFT drop should be directed to the Toy Boogers team.


Kitbash Boogers Mint Details

Collection Size: 1,111 NFTs

Mint Date: April (full details TBA)

Mint Price: TBA

NFT Utility: Full Toy Boogers Family Membership

How to Join the Allowlist: Raffles, Giveaways, Contests, and More From Toy Boogers, Cool Cats, Deadfellaz, and Robotos Communities


Toy Boogers Twitter Spaces Summary

Below is a summary of the Toy Boogers Twitter Spaces held on Mar. 10, 2022 that discussed the announcement of the Kitbash Boogers collaboration.


What Is Kitbash Boogers? What Does Kitbash Mean?

  • Kitbash Boogers is an expansion collection of 1,111 hand-drawn, hand-mixed cartoon NFTs created by the Toy Boogers artist, Doug, in collaboration with Cool Cats, Deadfellaz, and Robotos.
  • It’s a combination of a selected handful of traits from each project combined in the Toy Boogers fashion.
  • It is mixed and mashed together by Doug, just like the original Toy Boogers.
    • Doug retraced the traits by hand, not a copy and paste project.
  • Psych, the Deadfellaz artist, came up with the name.
  • Kitbashing is a term used in toys and RC, where you take multiple different kits from different toys or projects and put them together in new and fun ways.

Kitbash Boogers Mint Details

  • The target drop date is the end of April.
  • There is no stealth drop, this is a 100 percent allowlist NFT drop (never click a link for mint).
    • The team is doing this for security reasons. 
  • Each project involved in the collaboration will have an equal amount of allowlist spots for Kitbash Boogers to distribute to their communities.
  • Toy Boogers is handling the drop, so any problems should be directed to their team.
  • Kitbash Boogers is a full membership into the Toy Boogers family.
  • Toy Boogers will have a very subtle advantage long-term.
  • This is considered as a second genesis and a small expansion of the original Toy Boogers.

Kitbash Boogers History

  • Toy Boogers dropped its original 3,333-piece NFT collection in November, 2021.
  • The intention with Toy Boogers is to create more smiles and fun in the world.
  • Clon, the artist behind Cool Cats, called Doug and suggested a handful of cool projects mix and match to make a super unique mini collection.
  • Doug has been making samples for months since that suggestion.
  • A majority of the work has been teasing out the best traits and redrawing them.

Q&A Session

In this section, Q indicates a question and A indicates an answer (speaker in parenthesis).

This is a summary, not verbatim.

  • Q: Do you think that any of these Kitbash Boogers NFTs will be made into toys? (Duchess Betsy)
    • A: I hope so. I would love to go down that path. Nothing is being officially worked on, but it is certainly on our radar. (Doug)
  • Q: Is the collaboration going to make its way into the animation? (Duchess Betsy)
    • A: We’re not sure yet. We’re having a lot of creative meetings and fleshing out stories for that right now. A lot of stuff is in the works with TIME Studios. Most likely it is going to remain as original Toy Boogers stuff. (Doug)
  • Q: Tell me what out of this new collection has been your most favorite one to create. (Lilbubs.eth)
    • A: In the original Toy Boogers, there are “bosses.” There are a few different ways I did that in the Kitbash Boogers collection. I can’t speak too much about that yet. Stash Hamster is a pet hamster in the original collection, and he is inside one of the Robotos head traits. (Doug)
  • Q: Will the Kitbash Boogers with the mullet traits be allowed into the inner Mulleto circle? (Ashira.eth)
    • A: Oh, of course. We have our own channel in the Robotos Discord, and we always talk in all camps. Come hang out. (Cousin Terry)
  • Q: Was there any Deadfrenz trait that blew your mind? (NFT&D)
    • A: I have three Deadfellaz, so I got three Deadfrenz, but I also bought a few more. The rhino has become my favorite. I liked the monkey and the rabbit because it was cute and funny. But super impressed by the Deadfrenz. (Doug)
  • Q: Is this a direct result of your prior mashups? (AL SoL)
    • A: The seed was planted by Clon right away. All of those prior mashups were subtle sneak peaks to what was happening behind the scenes. (Doug)
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