LT;DR Dec. 29 NFT Recap: MTG, Wulfz & Critterz Reveal

LT;DR Dec. 29 NFT Recap: MTG, Wulfz & Critterz Reveal
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  • MTG, Wulfz & Critterz Reveal

  • 999 WETH M3 Serum Sale

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MTG, Wulfz & Critterz Reveal

Wulfz are scheduled to reveal around 10:00 p.m. ET tonight. Holders have a chance at ten animated and ten static 1/1 Wulfz that are hidden in the collection. After the reveal the staking hub will be available to the community around January 7. After staking for $AWOO, holders will soon have the chance to mint Pupz, which will require 600 $AWOO and at least one Wulf NFT.

Genesis Critterz released its fully on-chain art project yesterday, granting access to an exclusive Minecraft world. The 4,096-edition collection with a P2E server on Minecraft, will reveal the art work for each individual NFT late tonight at midnight. With over 1,400 ETH in secondary sales after their free mint, Genesis Critterz look toward their Minecraft server next for more utility. 

More Than Gamers NFT will be revealing its 10,000 piece avatar collection tonight at 11:00 p.m. ET. The collection is composed of 10,000 NFT avatars set to compete in the metaverse. At a 0.62 ETH floor pre-reveal the next step within the MTG community will be the Battle Station where holders can stake their MTG NFTs. 

999 WETH M3 Serum Sale

After last's night Mutant M3 Stream another M3 has sold at the price of 999 WETH. After the latest Mega Mutant Serum burning latest night, only three Mega Serums remain. 

Other Drops 

Fyat Lux sold out its collection of 8,080 "Sparks" 3D avatar NFTs at a price of 0.125 ETH. The project claims to "span the digital and physical worlds." Each NFT has a unique "phygital" smart card that allows the holder to view the Spark avatar in AR.

MetaStonez sold out its collection of 1,221 Genesis Stonez NFTs at 0.1221 ETH. The complete project is comprised of 10,101 pixel creatures called Stone Giantz. The next mint will be for 8,760 NFTs at 0.105 ETH.



  • Prime Ape Planet after an amazing first day, PAP sits at a floor of 1.55 ETH. 

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club just dipped below a 60 ETH floor as volume jumps over 2,000 ETH. 

  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club continues to preform well with 2,200 ETH volume and up 10% floor price. 

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