LT;DR: Dec. 9 NFT Recap: NFL ALL DAY, Punk 4156, Pepsi Mic Drop

LT;DR: Dec. 9 NFT Recap: NFL ALL DAY, Punk 4156, Pepsi Mic Drop
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Top News Today:

  • NFL ALL DAY Drop Tomorrow

  • Punk 4156 Sells for 2,500 ETH

  • Pepsi Mic Drop Genesis NFTs

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NFL ALL DAY Drop Tomorrow

NFL ALL DAY has opened the gates to their closed beta for select users. At present time, the NFL All Day website holds just an empty pack page, collection page, and a link to their private discord channel for beta members. The project will drop its first pack to closed beta users tomorrow.  More invites to the closed beta will be released in the coming weeks.

Punk 4156 Sells for 2,500 ETH

Today CryptoPunk 4156 sold for 2,500 ETH, approximately $10.2 million in a Twitter-based Dutch auction. The owner, @punk4156 listed the CryptoPunk at 4,156 ETH to start, but quickly dropped the price to 3,500 ETH while eventually lowering it 500 ETH every hour until the ape punk was sold. Since the sale, the community has shared mixed reactions.  With the highest USD sale of a punk to date, Lucky Trader will monitor the movement this may create within the CryptoPunk market. Have an opinion on the sale? Join the Lucky Trader Lounge at 7 p.m. ET to chat about it! 


Pepsi Mic Drop Genesis NFTs

Pepsi released information today on their first NFTs collection.  A collection of 1,893 Mic Drop NFTs are free to collectors plus gas who make the whitelist, which is set to drop tomorrow. The significance of the number 1893 stems from the year that Pepsi was founded. With no further details on the whitelist at this time, @Pepsi has urged users to follow their Twitter tomorrow to sign up! The NFTs are expected to be released on December 14. 


  • CryptoPunks after a record sale hit 3,553 ETH in 24 hour volume up 260%. 

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club up in volume 55% but floor still at 52 ETH.

  • Ape Kids Club ends their run with volume dipping to 700 ETH.  

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