LT;DR Jan. 11 NFT Recap: Rug Radio Genesis Mint, LooksRare Volume

LT;DR Jan. 11 NFT Recap: Rug Radio Genesis Mint, LooksRare Volume
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Rug Radio Genesis Mint

Rug Radio began its genesis NFT mint for holders of the membership pass. Rug Radio bills itself as the first fully decentralized web3 media platform where the community hosts and owns the platform. Rug Radio offers a Membership Pass which acts as an all access pass to everything including access to the genesis drop. There is a 72 hour minting window opening at 4pm ET on 1/11 & closing at 4pm ET on 1/14. At the end of the 72 hours, any unclaimed NFTs will be opened to a public sale. Using the tokenId, Membership Pass holders can verify whether or not their membership pass has already been used to claim the Genesis NFT. More information can be found in the Rug Radio Discord. 


CryptoSkulls is a collection of 10,000-pixel skulls released on the Etheruem blockchain in 2019. It is said that they are the second-ever generated 10,000 PFP collection behind only CryptoPunks. After a recent wave of Twitter influencers noted the historical relevance, the price floor was sent to 0.7 ETH after trading around 0.05 ETH for the last year. 

LooksRare Volume

Since its release, the LooksRare Marketplace has done over 230 Million in total volume. According to a Dune analytics chart, they have flipped OpenSea in volume during the first day active, with OpenSea doing only 114 Million in the last 24 hours. With incentives to sell, buy, and stake within the LooksRare marketplace, consumers have begun to utilize the system to trade NFTs and be rewarded with $LOOKS in doing so. 

Editor's Note: There is considerable speculation regarding wash trade sales on LooksRare to game the rewards system.



  • Bored Ape Yacht Club down to 1,642 ETH in volume as the whole market slows from this weekend's rush. 
  • PhantaBear drops from the top spot down to 1,285 ETH in volume and down another 16% in floor price. 
  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club not much movement in floor price but down 31% in total volume last 24 hours. 
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