LT;DR Jan. 12 NFT Recap: Azuki & The Jims by Gemplin Drop

LT;DR Jan. 12 NFT Recap: Azuki & The Jims by Gemplin Drop
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Azuki & The Jims

Azuki released its 10,000 piece NFT avatar collection that grants members access to The Garden. Starting with exclusive streetwear collaborations, NFT drops, and live events, Azuki has plans to be a community brand in the metaverse. After settling at 1 ETH in the Dutch auction, the collection rests well above that at 1.79 ETH trading roughly 4,600 ETH in secondary sales. 

The Jims, a collection of 2048 small amphibious Jims, was released by Gremplin and FingerprintsDAO today. Minting at 0.069 ETH the collection has performed well hitting 0.4 ETH on the secondary market. The art and title come from their admiration of Jim Simmons, a famous investor, and mathematician. The mint had roughly 1,000 reserved for holders of $PRINTS and $RAW tokens. Discord has announced via Twitter that their contracts will become available for the public to audit within the next 24 hours. In tandem with this announcement Discord has now opened to the public. To see how much your wallet will be eligible to claim, go to the bot-commands channel and type “/fees” then enter your wallet address. With the success of the $LOOKS and $SOS airdrops, looks to replicate similar success and reward the community. The group has delayed the release before, so Lucky Trader Staff will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds this week. 

TOC Playoff Best Ball Packs

The Owners Club released their Playoff Best Ball packs today. Packs went on sale for $20 apiece with a shot at a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool. Each pack contains 20 randomized cards which users will then utilize to build 12 card rosters which are then minted as NFTs. This lineup can be bought and sold or played in the Playoff Best Ball Challenge where contestants can earn their share of the prize pool through the NFL playoffs. 



  • World of Women leads our project rankings page up nearly 500% in volume hitting 2,500 ETH last 24 hours. 
  • Doodles rising back up project rankings after a huge run-up in the weeks prior, the floor still rising up to 12 ETH. 
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club still cracks the top 3 in volume down from yesterday again with 1,574 ETH. 
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