LT;DR Jan. 20 NFT Recap: Azuki Reveal, Twitter PFPs

LT;DR Jan. 20 NFT Recap: Azuki Reveal, Twitter PFPs
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  • Azuki Reveal 

  • Twitter PFPs 

  • Top Shot & UFC Strike

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Azuki Reveal 

Azuki, a collection of 10,000 avatars that gives access to The Garden revealed this afternoon. After trading in between 2 and 3 ETH leading up to reveal the community has embraced the art, pushing the floor north of 3 before sliding off again. With a top sale of 65 ETH and over 7,000 ETH in volume since the reveal, this project seems to have caught the attention of the entire NFT ecosystem.

Twitter PFPs 

Twitter Blue announced NFT PFPs, which will be able to verify ownership of NFTs for users of the monthly service. Twitter Blue costs $3 per month and with this new feature, users can connect directly to their web3 wallet (such as metamask, coinbase wallet, and more). Once connected the selected NFT will then appear on your profile with a special hexagon-shaped border that can be interacted with to reveal metadata including the owner and ID. The Twitter community was excited with this announcement as more web2 companies adopt web3 trends or features. 


Top Shot & UFC Strike

Dapper Labs released information on two upcoming pack drops, one being the Genesis UFC Strike packs and NBA Top Shot Legendary and Rare packs. UFC Strike's first pack drop coming this Sunday at $50 a pack with 100,000 packs being available with 3 moments per pack and up to 5 packs per collector.  Top Shot will be releasing two packs next Tuesday, the Holo Icon release 1 and MGLE release 2. Holo packs will be $999 with the MGLE packs being $89. Each pack has a different collector score requirement with the legendary drop starting before the rare drop. 



  • Azuki leads our project rankings page with 1,650 ETH in 24-hour volume.
  • Hapebeast Prime, after opening its sale yesterday, has seen a sharp run to its 7.5 ETH floor. 
  • CryptoPunks break into our top three on project rankings volume up 26% to 1,240 ETH floor steady around 64 ETH. 
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