LT;DR Jan. 3 NFT Recap: Chainfaces Arena, OpenSea Volume Rises

LT;DR Jan. 3 NFT Recap: Chainfaces Arena, OpenSea Volume Rises
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Top News Today:

  • Chainfaces Arena

  • Fyat Lux & Prime Ape Planet Reveals 

  • OpenSea Volume Rises 

  • Top Movers

Chainfaces Arena

The games have begun in the ChainFaces Arena. ChainFaces who enter the arena will compete to become champion & earn bounties. Losing in the arena means the NFT is gone forever, but holders can leave the arena for a portion of time after each round is completed. 17,032 Chainfaces entered the arena and at round three there are 16,898 remaining. Bounty is at 0.412 ETH per Chainface entered and pulled from the game. 

Fyat Lux & Prime Ape Planet Reveals 

Prime Ape Planet revealed at 4:00 p.m. EST today with the floor nearly reaching 3 ETH before unveiling. Since the reveal the floor has dropped to 2 ETH with a steady volume carrying through the release. 

Fyat Lux revealed its 8,080 piece 3d avatar NFT collection this afternoon. Sitting at a floor of 0.2 ETH, the collection had done 800 ETH in secondary sales just before reveal. 

OpenSea Volume Rises 

After the new year OpenSea has seen a tremendous increase in volume. Today day marks the second day in a row with over $240 Million in sales volume on OpenSea. As the tax discussions quiet for a while and the NFT community enters a new fiscal year, it seems as though buyers are ready to spend again. 



  • Bored Ape Yacht Club has flipped Punks and are holding incredible volume at almost 4,000 ETH. 

  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club volume above 5,000 ETH leading our ranking with over $18 million in 24 hours. 

  • CloneX volume rises 200% as the whole NFT community spend. 

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