LT;DR Jan. 4 NFT Recap: Doodles Frenzy, Sales Soaring

LT;DR Jan. 4 NFT Recap: Doodles Frenzy, Sales Soaring
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  • Doodles Frenzy 

  • Projects & Secondary Sales Soar

  • DeFi Games Reach ATH 

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Doodles Frenzy 

Doodles lead our rankings page with over 3,500 ETH in 24 hour volume during a recent buying frenzy. Running up to a floor of 8.5 ETH the Doodles have been slowly climbing and gaining acclaim since their release in October 2021. Popular Twitter handles such as @Loopify and @Garyvee tweeted about their Doodles purchases earlier today as well. 

Projects & Secondary Sales Soar

After a down swing relative to the stellar summer, OpenSea volume has been preforming well during the turn of the new year. With its third day breaking $200 Million in total volume, projects listed on OpenSea have started to see that bump in activity. Projects like Mood Rollers by Lucas Zanotto have seen significant increases in both floor and volume the last few days. The project traded below 0.24 ETH in 2021, but now sit at a floor of 0.70 ETH - up 79% in recent weeks.

The SlimHoods collection of 5,000 animated NFTs have seen a similar bump in floor up 75% to 0.84 ETH during these last few days. 

Alien Frens a more recent release, has seen an incredible increase in value since minting out at 0.02 ETH. Up another 64% in floor price today at 1.34 ETH the project has more than tripled in value since the start of 2022. 

DeFi Games Reach ATH 

With the recent upswing and in interest in DeFi gaming and volume across whole NFT market, a couple projects have reached all time highs this week. $RAIDER, the in-game token from the CryptoRaiders community has run up over $10 after sitting around $2.00 during the latter part of 2021. With an impending recruitment event, airdropped in-game horses, and new game modes teased the project has lead the Polygon rankings over at OpenSea. 

The $JEWEL token from the DeFi Kingdoms game has run up over $22 since starting the year around $13. After surpassing $1 Billion TVL, DeFi Kingdoms has been making headlines with their jewel-mining quests and upcoming fork to avalanche, expected to happen in January.


  • Doodles have ran up 300% in volume in the last 24 hours. 

  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club volume finally dips, but still amasses an impressive 2,200 ETH. 

  • CloneX floor continues to climb now sitting at 6.4 ETH floor, up 7% from yesterday. 

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