LT;DR Mar. 2 NFT Recap: Dippies NFT

LT;DR Mar. 2 NFT Recap: Dippies NFT
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  • White Rabbit Producer Passes

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Dippies NFT

Dippies sold nearly all 8,888 unique digital hippy NFTs during its allowlist mint today. The project minted at 0.06 ETH plus gas and now sit at a floor of 0.345 ETH. They traded nearly 1,300 ETH in total volume today.

The allowlist has another 17 hours until public sale, which includes all of the remaining Dippies if any are left. With a DippieDao and future airdrop promises, the collection has drawn some attention this afternoon. 

White Rabbit Producer Passes

White Rabbit Producer Passes from Shibuya, a team member with @pleasrdevs, sold out today. The mint price was 0.08 ETH.

The NFTs allow holders to vote on each chapter of the film and earn $WRAB, which represents fractional ownership of the completed product. In an attempt to decentralize video production, the team plans to let the community vote on the creation of upcoming films to with the "White Rabbit" anime being the first. 

SEC Targeting NFT Securities 

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission set its sights on creators of NFTs and crypto exchanges to determine if some of these assets trade against the SEC's rules. The commission has allegedly focused the investigation on certain nonfungible tokens, and whether or not they are being utilized like traditional securities.

The SEC has yet to comment on these actions, but Bloomberg reported that the SEC might be targeting fractional NFTs. The SEC had set precedent in February fining BlockFi $100 Million for failing to register high interest software that it provides its consumers with. For now, the NFT community will wait for any official word from the commission. 


  • Wonderpals is on top of our rankings page with the reveal occurring this afternoon. 1,140 ETH traded up over 60% on the day but floor has taken a big hit during the reveal down ~40% to 0.5 ETH.

  • 3landers jump to the number two spot after spending a few days trending downward. A jump in volume and floor price as the the 3landers gain 20% up to a 1.89 ETH floor and secondary volume up over 150%.  

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club holds the number 3 spot on our rankings page, up 20% day-over-day with the floor continuing to recede from its highs a few weeks ago. 

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