LT;DR Mar. 4 NFT Recap: CyberBrokers Soar

LT;DR Mar. 4 NFT Recap: CyberBrokers Soar
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  • CyberBrokers Soar

  • VeeFriends Series 2

  • Topps NFT Micky Mantle

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CyberBrokers Soar

CyberBrokers began minting last night to its "guaranteed mint list," selling ~7,100 NFTs. Since that time the collection has treaded upwards of 2,000 ETH and hit a floor price of 1.4 ETH. The community has jumped on this project created by Josie Bellini, a notable crypto artist. Minting at 0.35 ETH to its guaranteed mint list until Mar. 5 at 9:00 p.m. ET, the remaining supply will go to the waitlist minting starting directly after the initial mint period ends. 

VeeFriends Series 2

VeeFriends announced the drop mechanics for its Series 2 drop via its internal blog today. The blog stated "to get on the Friends List, you will need to own BOOK GAMES Token(s)". Of the 123,000 BOOK GAMES tokens 32,000 random token holders will fill the Friend's List. The snapshot for inclusion will take place on April 5 at 1:00 p.m. Holders of the tokens who get snapshotted will be allowed to mint during a 12 day window before the public sale. Each holder will be allowed to mint the number of tokens that they are randomly selected for with their "Friends List" inclusion. For example if one holds 3 tokens and 2 are randomly selected the user will be able to mint 2 VeeFriends Series 2 before the remaining supply is sold to public. 

Topps Micky Mantle NFT 

Topps NFTs (@ToppsNFTs) sold its 1952 Mickey Mantle Card NFT at auction for 175 ETH ($470,711.50 USD) this afternoon. The 1-of-1 celebrates the original 1952 Topps card and is reportedly the "third-highest sports NFT ever sold." Topps also announced it was "the second-highest sports NFT ever sold on OpenSea." As a thank you to all the collectors that bid on the 1-of-1 auction, each bidder will receive a POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol NFT). 



  • CyberBrokers lead our rankings page bursting on the scene during a slow week in the NFT marketplace. After selling ~7,000 NFTs during its guaranteed mint list, CyberBrokers has just hit 2,000 ETH in 24 hour volume and holding a floor well above 1 ETH after minting at 0.35 ETH.  

  • Azuki jumps onto our rankings page as the market continues to struggle to hold steady volume this week. Up 45% to a 1,100 ETH volume the floor has seen relatively no action during the last 24 hours. 

  • Invisible Friends has leveled off since the post reveal drop. Gaining 14% and up over 1,000 ETH in volume it appears that Invisible Friends will hold top volume in the near future. 

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