LT;DR: Nov. 30 NFT Recap: CloneX and mfers sell out

LT;DR: Nov. 30 NFT Recap: CloneX and mfers sell out
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  • CloneX and Skull Troopers Auction

  • Funko NFTs and The Matrix NFTs

  • mfers Sell Out

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CloneX and Skull Troopers Auctions

After traffic overloaded their site, RTKFT delayed the remaining mint of CloneX until this morning. Originally scheduled for a Dutch auction last night, the developers chose to set a fixed price of 2 ETH to sell the approximately 5,000 NFTs left in the collection. The remaining 3D avatars sold out quickly with reveal likely coming soon according to the RTFKT discord. At time of writing the price floor sits around 2.4 ETH.


Deadheads NFT began their Dutch auction for the 10,000 3D Skull Troopers avatars today at 2:00 p.m. ET. The team plans to create a full length film in the Deadhead Universe with the proceeds from the sale, which stared at 0.666 ETH.  Alongside this proposal, the first 250 people to mint Skull Troopers have a shot at 250,000 $SHOW. $SHOW is the DeadHead community’s utility token that can be utilized to decentralize decisions made within the project.


Funko NFTs and The Matrix NFTs

Star Trek and The Matrix, two of the biggest brands in movie history, have ventured into the NFT ecosystem today. Star Trek in the form of Digital Funko Pop Collectibles and The Matrix, creating 100,000 avatars with varying rarities. 

Star Trek Digital Funko Pops is a new collection in a line of Digital Pops that Funko has released via Droppp, on the WAX blockchain. Coming in standard and premium packs, the Digital Pops of Legendary or Grail rarities will eventually be able to be redeemed for rare physical merchandise from Funko.

The Matrix released their Avatar collection at 1:00 p.m, via the Nifty's platform. Priced at $50 per avatar, the collection sold out all 100,000 NFTs. The next step in the project comes on December 16, when NFT holders will be prompted to choose a pill as part of The Matrix’s Missions program. Further details will be released post-drop regarding information on the game and leaderboard mechanics for holders. 

mfers Sell Out

mfers, a 10,021-edition collection from @sartoshi_nft, sold out in less than 15 minutes Tuesday, burning more than 1,000 ETH through transactions. The collection is fully revealed and available via our rankings page. The floor is currently 0.3 ETH and there has been 892 ETH in volume as of 6:15 p.m. 


ETH Nearing ATH

After the holiday retrace post all-time high (ATH), ETH has now surged back towards the high $4,000 trading range. With gas fees still hovering above 100 gwei and ETH up 8% in the last week there hasn’t been nearly the same movement in NFT volume. As most projects on our rankings page remain neutral The Lucky Trader Team will continue to monitor ETHs price movements and its affect on the NFT ecosystem.


  • CloneX after selling out this afternoon leads our project rankings with 2,131 ETH in volume. 

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club continues to hold an impressive floor at just under 47 ETH. 

  • Sandbox Assets as the digital land grab continues is up almost 150% in volume. 

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