Mar. 14 NFT Recap | Muri's Mint & the Floor Rises

Mar. 14 NFT Recap | Muri's Mint & the Floor Rises
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Top News Today:

  • Muri's Mint & the Floor Rises 

  • Robert Iger & the Metaverse

  • Dour Darcels Collaboration

  • Larva Labs Hidden Meebit

Muri's Mint & the Floor Rises

Muri began minting to its allow list today at 0.15 ETH mint price for the 24 hours. The team held a Dutch auction yesterday which sold out at 0.3 ETH, and the remaining unclaimed NFTs will then go to public sale back at 0.3 ETH after the allow list period closes. 

About 4,900 Muris have been minted from the allow list, with just under 2,500 left in the collection. The floor price has held up well through the discounted minting process holding around a 0.5 ETH floor and rising. With a similar minting process to that of the Azuki drop, the NFT community has been swarming this project and the Dutch auction was completed yesterday in under a minute. 

Robert Iger & the Metaverse?

Robert Iger, the former Disney CEO and Chairman, has joined the Board of Directors at Genies Inc., an LA-based NFT and Crypto company. Built with Dapper Labs, Genies Inc. sells digital avatar NFTs on "The Warehouse" marketplace, where it has attracted celebrities from Justin Bieber to Cardi B and a partnership with Universal Music Group.

Robert Iger has been around animation and art for a while, starting at Disney as COO in 2000 before becoming CEO in 2005, the position he held for 15 years.

Robert describing his interests said "I've always been drawn to the intersection between technology and art, and Genies provides unique and compelling opportunities to harness the power of that combination to enable new forms of creativity, expression, and communication,"  

Dour Darcels Collaboration

Dour Darcels has continued to perform well this week, dropping a collaboration announcement that kept the price action high and push the floor over 1 ETH. Partnering with the luxury streetwear store Colette, Dour Darcels has outperformed most of the market over the past week.  

Releasing 25 1/1 NFTs with Collette in an ode to Darcels, the team stated "It’s possible that without Colette Darcel would not be where he is today". Five of the NFTs from the collection will be given away to Dour Darcel holders, Nine of the NFTs will be raffled, one will be reserved for Colette, and the remaining 10 NFTs will be auctioned off. 

Larva Labs Hidden Meebit

A thread circulated on Twitter involving Larva Labs hiding a secret Pig Meebit as a prize for nearly a year. In a wild series of events, Andrew Badr and some friends unlocked a private key to access a Meebit that Larva Labs hid from the public.

The internet sleuths began digging after the Proof "Grails" dropped which included a piece from Larva Labs themselves. Inside the piece, a series of Ls set off one discord user's thoughts as it looked deliberate. After a series of translating and finding corresponding numbers within the Meebits collection, the group cracked the code to the 64 private key and acquired a special edition Pig Meebit. 


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