Apr. 22 NFT Recap | Moonbirds Releases Nesting, MNLTH Shoes Reveal

Apr. 22 NFT Recap | Moonbirds Releases Nesting, MNLTH Shoes Reveal

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The top news for Apr. 22 includes Moonbird nesting going live, the long awaited MNLTH reveal, the Akutar Dutch auction, and top NFT movers. 

Moonbirds Releases Nesting

The Moonbirds team released its staking mechanism, which they're calling 'nesting' (v0.5) earlier this afternoon.

Holders can lock their moonbird in nests, which will upgrade based on the duration of nesting. The first upgrade color is "bronze," which will apply after 30 days of staking. 

After dropping just under 30 ETH, the enablement of nesting has pushed the Moonbirds floor back up to just under 35 ETH. 

MNLTH Quests Complete and Shoes Reveal

The MNLTH NFT from RTFKT Studios had quite a newsworthy day, as the community completed the final quests and unlocked the contents of the box. 

Each NFT contains a pair of CryptoKicks, and a Skin Vial, and a MNLTH Box 2. Holders of the MNLTH NFT can on their own accord mint and acquire the additional items at https://mnlth.rtfkt.com/.

For a complete breakdown of a busy day in the MNLTH ecosystem, read our full recap here.

Akutar Dutch Auction 

Akutar completed its Dutch auction today, starting at 3.5 ETH and dropping to 2.1 ETH before selling out ~5,500 avatars.

The collection of 15,000 NFTs was originally planned to be an instant reveal but one of the team's rendering machines went down last night.

The reveal is now scheduled for a few-hours post reveal. The OpenSea link will become available when the avatars go live. 

Top NFT Movers


  • Moonbirds release Nesting this afternoon, and continue to lead the NFT ecosystem in volume. Down 40% but still completing 7,161 ETH and holding a nearly 35 ETH in what continues to be a top story in NFTs this month.

  • Bored Ape Kennel Club jumps onto the top projects as rumors swirl and "The Otherside" drop draws immienet in the last week of Apr. Floor up 10% almost to a 10 ETH floor, jumping almost 500% up to 2,791 ETH in 24 hour volume. 

  • Murakami Flowers return to the leaderboard as the reveal draws near. Down a bit in volume but still 2,300 ETH traded and floor up to 6.6 ETH again.

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More about Moonbirds

Moonbirds is the official PFP (profile picture) project of the PROOF ecosystem. Moonbirds are a collection of 10,000 utility-enabled NFTs that unlock a private club membership, act as an access token to the PROOF Discord's Moonbirds channels, and provide access to the project's "nest" staking mechanism. Once inside the Discord, holders will have exclusive access to Moonbird-related drops, Parliament meetups, IRL events, and access to upcoming PROOF projects; including the PROOF metaverse, named Project Highrise.

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