NBA Top Shot News Roundup

NBA Top Shot News Roundup
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A week in the NFT space feels like a month, and a month feels like a year. It's difficult to stay up-to-date on all of the projects, news, and announcements, especially for huge ecosystems like Dapper Labs' NBA Top Shot. 

This monthly NBA Top Shot news roundup highlights all the most recent updates from the prior week and all the upcoming news and pack drops for the next week. Review the marketplace, prepare for drops, and never miss another important NBA Top Shot announcement.

For a review of the entire Series 3 roadmap, announcements, and events, see Lucky Trader's previous news roundup.

Here is the most recent from NBA Top Shot as of Jan. 13, 2022.


NBA Top Shot Updates

This month on NBA Top Shot, the team launched new packs, took a look back at 2021, and hired new personnel.


More Packs on NBA Top Shot

On Dec. 21, NBA Top Shot released Deck the Hoops: 2010s and Premium Pack Series 3 (Metallic Gold Limited Edition). Deck the Hoops: 2010s, which is a legendary set, included 9 Moments -- one legendary Moment minted to 55, one rare Moment minted to 749, and seven other Moments -- from NBA stars like Kevin Garnett, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, Jimmy Butler, Klay Thompson, and more. Packs sold for $999 per purchase and only 470 were available.

The Metallic Gold Limited Edition Series 3 drop included six Moments, one of which was a guaranteed rare Moment minted to 749. The release sold out of all 13,000 packs at $89 per purchase and included NBA stars like Anthony Davis, Chris Paul, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Lonzo Ball, and more.

On Dec. 30, the second batch of Series 1 Reserve Packs dropped. The pack, which was originally released two seasons ago, contains four Moments from the 2019-20 regular season. One Moment is limited to 1,000 mints and three Moments are minted between 1,240 and 3,999. All 500 packs were purchased for 350 trade tickets each.

For a refresher on how trade tickets work, see NBA Top Shot's guide

On Jan. 11, Hustle and Show returned for Series 3 after debuting during Series 2 last year. Each side of Hustle and Show had its own "starting five," or five players that made up the limited set. The Hustle starting five was Myles Turner, Matisse Thybulle, Marcus Smart, Dillon Brooks, and Devin Vassell. The Show starting five was Greg Brown, Malik Monk, Aaron Gordon, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Miles Bridges.

All 155,000 packs, which contained a total of five Moments, sold out at a price of $14 per purchase. The Hustle and Show specific Moments were limited to 18,000 mints, and the remaining four Moments were minted from 4,000 to 60,000 or more. 

Holders of Series 2 Hustle and Show will be airdropped Series 3 Hustle and Show packs within the next week.


2021: A Year in Review for NBA Top Shot

At the end of 2021, NBA Top Shot shared a video reviewing the platform's growth from January to December. Featuring Kevin Durant, Quavo, Dwayne Wade, Lisa Leslie, and more, the highlight reels documents how the company grew from 4,796 collectors at the beginning of 2021 to hundreds of thousands at the end of the year. Take a look for yourself below:


NBA Top Shot Hires 'Packrip Ewing'

NBA Top Shot hired Packrip Ewing to the marketing team. Currently, he has not shared details about his position or the tasks he is currently assigned, as it is all classified. He did, however, write up a brief "My First Day at Top Shot" article.


NBA Top Shot Market Overview

To determine how the NBA Top Shot market has been faring this week, let's take a look at historical sales volume and total market cap.

Data from

Sales volume has been up and down since the middle of December. Two of the three sharp spikes in volume correlate directly with pack drop days. The last dip is not entirely accurate, as Jan. 13 sales are only for half a day. As of now, NBA Top Shot sales are trending in an overall upward direction.

Data from MomentRanks

With four new pack drops, Dapper Labs increased NBA Top Shot's total market cap to nearly 800 million dollars, up about 15 percent from the middle of December. Total market cap has been on a steady increase for nearly a month, a positive sign for the overall NBA Top Shot market. 


Upcoming NBA Top Shot Drops

Below is a list of all the officially announced, upcoming pack drops for NBA Top Shot:

Series 3 Base Set Release 7 (Common)

When: Jan. 18, 2022

Number of Packs: 150,000

Moments per Pack: 3

Price: $9

Time: 2:00 p.m. ET

Starter Pack (Common)

This is a reminder to all NBA Top Shot newcomers that you're able to purchase a Starter Pack, if you have less than two total packs purchased in your account history.

When: Whenever

Number of Packs: Unlimited

Moments per Pack: 3

Price: $9

Time: Anytime


Nine Lives Lounge (NLL) Updates

For those that are unaware, the Nine Lives Lounge (NLL) is an exclusive and official NBA Top Shot gated community. For access, users must own all 30 Moments from the Cool Cats (Series 2) set.

Current membership perks include:

  • Access to exclusive Discord gated channels
  • Direct support from Dapper Labs
  • Exclusive conversations with Dapper Labs' staff
  • Exclusive giveaways
  • Voting rights for certain NBA Top Shot decisions
  • Early access to NFL All Day, Dapper Labs' American football product
  • Early access to UFC on Flow, Dapper Labs' MMA product
  • Exclusive and free merchandise
  • Community events and airdrops

On Jan. 9, the community lead for Nine Lives Lounge announced the first NLL poker tournament series. This is a multi-tournament series with rewards for winners. Players earn points and win Moments. It is run on the ClubGG poker app and open to anyone in the NLL.

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