Reignmakers Market Report: Players to Watch and Strategic Insights for Week 5

Reignmakers Market Report: Players to Watch and Strategic Insights for Week 5
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Welcome to Week 5 of the NFL season! Floor prices for DraftKings Reignmakers NFL cards appear to be settling in, but there are still plenty of opportunities to buy players with room for upside, especially by taking advantage of overreactions to weekly poor performances.

This article will continue to focus on the strategy of capitalizing on market overreactions, which can generate yield irrespective of on-field results. While player performance certainly matters, the increasing card supply, particularly in the ELITE and above tiers, has led to falling prices.

However, it's anticipated that we will soon witness price floors being established for these cards in the coming weeks. For those new to this article, our focus is on identifying the most significant percentage increases and decreases in value for the three primary skill positions over the past week. Our goal is to highlight potential buy-low and sell-high candidates.

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Find the good and the bad for quarterbacks in Week 5 below. 

The Good

The quarterback market has seen some notable price fluctuations this week. Zach Wilson, who has been one of the most volatile quarterbacks in the league in terms of pricing, saw his prices drop to around $140 last week but has since risen by about 40% to around $200. He had a shaky start and even faced the possibility of losing his starting job, but an impressive performance against the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs has boosted his stock.

Joshua Dobbs has also seen a price increase of about 30% over the last week, despite the Arizona Cardinals starting the season 0-4. Josh Allen had a standout performance last week against Miami, resulting in an average price increase of around 15% for his cards. However, it's worth noting that he won't be on the main slate for the next two weeks, so his cards may not see much action in those formats.

Overall, quarterback prices continue to be influenced by player performance and game availability, making it crucial for cardholders to stay informed about the schedule and player updates to make informed decisions in the Reignmakers game.

The Bad

Desmond Ridder has the largest drop of any starting quarterback over the last week, which makes sense given is inability to score meaningful fantasy points. Others seeing their price drop a bit include Matt Stafford Kirk cousins Trevor Lawrence and Dak Prescott, Lamar Jackson Jalen Hurts, and Patrick Mahomes on average their prices are down about 30% week over week. Mainly this can be found in the Rush Set, where supply continues to be released.

Running Backs

Find the good and bad about this week's running backs below. 

The Good

De’Von Achane has quickly become one of the highest-priced running backs in the Reignmakers game after just two weeks of impressive performances. His potential for a high ceiling in a strong offense has driven his prices up by about 300% over the last few weeks.

Additionally, several other running backs have seen their prices rise by around 20%. This includes players like David Montgomery, Breece Hall, James Cook, and D’Andre Swift. These running backs have likely seen price increases due to their strong on-field performances and increasing demand from cardholders.

As the season progresses, running back prices can continue to fluctuate based on player performance and market dynamics, providing opportunities for cardholders to make strategic moves to maximize their portfolios' value.

The Bad

The return of Alvin Kamara to the New Orleans Saints lineup appears to have established him as the clear RB1, leading to a drop in prices for the other running backs on the team, many of whom have now reached floor prices.

Miles Sanders, since joining the Carolina Panthers, hasn't had the opportunity to display a high-ceiling game, and his prices have declined by about 50% over the past week. Similarly, Tony Pollard has seen his prices decrease by approximately 35% over the last 6 to 7 days, as his upside has been limited due to a strong Dallas defense scoring many touchdowns.

Other running backs experiencing notable declines in prices include Rhamondre Stevenson, Jerome Ford, and Kenneth Gainwell. These price movements highlight the influence of player performance and changing roles within their respective teams on the Reignmakers card market.

Wide Receivers

Now onto the wideouts...

The Good

A standout performance by Michael Wilson in the previous week, marked by several significant catches against the 49ers, has garnered increased interest in his card editions. This surge in demand has driven his prices up by approximately 100% on average, and there's still room for potential growth, particularly in his Play-Action cards which are currently priced below $100.

Nico Collins has also benefited from the improved performance of the Houston Texans' offense, resulting in a substantial price increase of around 70% on average from week to week. Meanwhile, DJ Moore, despite having played in week 5, continues to attract buyers, with prices rising by about 40% over the past 7 days.

Other wide receivers experiencing notable price increases include Christian Kirk, Tutu Atwell, and Cooper Kupp. These price fluctuations reflect the market's response to player performances and evolving trends in the NFL.

The Bad

A few injuries and poor performances led the players trending down this week including Tee Higgins, Jakobi Meyers, Josh Palmer, Drake London, Deebo Samuel, and Chirs Olave are some of the biggest names down at least 30% over the last week.

Plenty of good opportunities out there this week given some of the names listed above whose prices have gone down over the last week.  

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