NFL Reignmakers Season 1: Contest Review

NFL Reignmakers Season 1: Contest Review
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It's that time of the year again - DraftKings Reignmakers NFL Season 2 is here! To kick off the excitement, DraftKings CEO Matt Kalish will be delivering a LIVE Keynote address. As we gear up for the season, it's crucial to build on the lessons learned from last year and apply them to ensure success and profitability.

In this initial article of our review series, we will focus on contest review, specifically examining the main ELITE Fiat contest, which offered a thrilling $100,000 first-place prize every week. Below, I'll delve into details such as the number of entries submitted each week, the total points scored by the winning lineups, and much more.

So, let's jump right in and analyze the exciting data! Stay tuned for a comprehensive review that will help enhance your strategies for the upcoming NFL season.

NFL Reignmakers Season 1- Contest Review

Let's kick off our review by examining what it took to secure the $100,000 prize each week in terms of total DFS scoring. Surprisingly, the average winning score reached its peak around week 8 and didn't surpass the moving average until Week 17. Despite an increase in supply as the season progressed, the optimal lineup wasn't achieved any more frequently than in previous weeks.



On average, the winning score came out to 162.65 points, showcasing the competitive nature of the Main ELITE FIAT contest and the high level of skill required to claim the top prize. As we dive deeper into the analysis, we'll gain further insights into the trends and patterns that emerged throughout the season.

Setting the appropriate payout structure was undoubtedly an evolving process, as it often is in the first year of any new endeavor. However, the shift from a 90% payout in Week 1 to 26% in Week 17 appears quite drastic.

Considering the available supply, it might be beneficial to reevaluate the distribution so that the number of entries in the money remains more consistent, ensuring a fair balance between utility and equity.

The average number of lineups that cashed during the season stood at 47.43%. This statistic serves as a valuable indicator of the level of competitiveness and the percentage of participants receiving payouts.

Indeed, the disparity in payouts, with almost 1400 entries receiving prizes in certain weeks, compared to 867 entries from week 10 onwards, does raise concerns about proportional distribution, especially considering the available supply for lineup creation during those periods. This disproportionality might have impacted participants' experiences and perceptions of fairness.

As we move forward into the new season, it will be fascinating to see if DraftKings addresses this issue and makes adjustments to the payout structure. Reversing the course and fine-tuning the distribution to better align with the available supply and maintain a consistent and equitable experience for all participants could significantly enhance the overall appeal of the contest.

Analyzing and responding to feedback from the community is crucial for refining and optimizing the contest's features, so it will be exciting to see how DK adapts based on user input. Let's stay tuned for updates on any changes that may occur for the upcoming NFL Reignmakers season.

As we examine the points needed to cash, it appears that DraftKings aimed to set the cash line around 80 points. For a five-man lineup, including a quarterback (QB), this translates to an average of approximately 16 points per player. This average seems to be within the normal range for fantasy football scoring.

By establishing the cash line around this mark, DraftKings likely aimed to strike a balance between attainability for participants and maintaining a competitive and challenging DFS environment. It provides an achievable target for players to aim for while still requiring thoughtful lineup construction and strategic choices.

Examining the number of entries entered each week is indeed essential to understand the impact of supply on the contest. Based on our findings, the significant increase in supply didn't occur until Week 14, which coincided with the conclusion of most of the "bye" weeks and marked the last set drop of the season. This indicates that the availability of lineups is closely tied to the bye weeks and other factors influencing player participation.

As we continue with our review series, we'll further analyze these trends and delve into their implications for the contest dynamics. Don't miss the KEYNOTE at 3:00 PM ET on the DraftKings' YouTube channel, or watch the playback later, for more insights into the contest and valuable information for the upcoming NFL Reignmakers season. Stay tuned for more exciting analyses and data-driven examinations!

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