DraftKings Reignmakers NFL Week 12 Diary: NFT Portfolio Insights, Game Stacks & Top Selections

DraftKings Reignmakers NFL Week 12 Diary: NFT Portfolio Insights, Game Stacks & Top Selections
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Following the success of the recent Holiday Millionaire Maker, many are pondering the potential for more such contests throughout the season. The tremendous interest and engagement for these events highlight their appeal, prompting hopes for more incorporation of these high-stakes prize pools in the game's future.

But, let's refocus our attention on the gridiron as we delve into Week 12 of the NFL season. Whether the recent Holiday Millionaire Maker was your introduction to the game or if you've been following along, welcome to my article.

Here, I share my portfolio strategy for the week, starting with the ELITE tier. I'll outline my approach, targets, and processes for the week, including insights into my RARE and CORE tier lineups. Leveraging the Lucky Trader Lineup Optimizer streamlines my decision-making, ensuring I have time to enjoy Sunday mornings with my family.

Additionally, I'll cover a couple of top stacks, break down the main slate, highlight any injuries, and point out a few target players for the week. Let's dive in!

Portfolio Recap & Strategy for Week 12

After DraftKings revealed the future utility of cards, I retained most of my portfolio, emphasizing building my 2023 collection via my extensive 2022 collection, which boasts over 1,500 NFT cards with top-tier players.

Thanks to Lucky Trader's lineup optimizer, we can now seamlessly create our lineups.

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At the start of the week, I anticipated a strong showing from My Portfolio with no byes in the NFL for Week 12. However, the game schedule's dispersion limited my ability to field the most optimal lineup. While I hold a couple of ELITE tier cards for Miami and Chicago's Justin Fields, the slate's distribution didn't align as favorably as I had hoped. Matt Stafford stands as my sole ELITE tier quarterback on the playing slate.

Though I have Kenny Pickett, his performance hasn't contributed much to securing the cash line this year, let alone winning a GPP. Nonetheless, with several high-projected running backs set to play, my teams seem promising. As I'm required to include two running backs in each main lineup, I opted to bring up a quarterback from the RARE tier.

Calvin Ridley tends to have ceiling games with Trevor Lawrence, making the choice of Lawrence as the "pull-up" player relatively straightforward. On this main slate, I have three SuperStars. Pairing Cooper Kupp with Stafford was the most straightforward of the three choices. Between Saquon Barkley and Ja’Marr Chase, considering Chase's reliance on his quarterback more than Barkley, I leaned towards Barkley. The final two spots were filled by pieces from the Philly-Buffalo game.

Forming my second lineup was fairly straightforward. I slotted in Rachaad White and Joe Mixon alongside Stafford and Kupp, all at the ELITE tier, allowing me to deploy almost any non-SuperStar as the "pull-up" card. Stefon Diggs has been a consistent letdown lately, but perhaps that indicates a change in fortune? It's a choice between him and A.J. Brown for the spot.

In the third lineup, the Pickett-Pickens stack was an obvious choice. I added Ja’Marr Chase to bolster the lineup. The remaining two spots were filled with another combo piece, albeit a much lesser one, from the Philly-Buffalo game.

With several 4:00 cards left in my portfolio, I set up a "shell lineup" to grant maximum flexibility for shuffling players in and out of lineups to optimize my chances of scoring big.

Now, let’s delve into some of the most pivotal games of the slate.

Slate Breakdown: Week 12 

Week 11 offers a Classic Slate with 11 games. Instead of a detailed breakdown, I highlight crucial statistics, key injuries, and a few primary targets.

Game Info

  • Top Projected Game: New England vs New York
  • Lowest Projected Game:  New York Giants vs. Washington Commanders
  • Top Projected Team: Philadelphia 
  • Lowest Projected Team: New York & Cincinnati 

Key Injuries & Replacements

  • Jerrick McKinnon (Out) > Pacheco + projection 
  • Mark Andrews (Out for the season) > all Balt WRs & Isiah Likely 
  • Michael Thoams (IR) > Olave & Shaheed ++ projection
  • Taylor Henicke ( Benched) > Desmond Ridder back in
  • Joe Burrow (Out for the season) > Todd Browning in
  • Tee Higgins (Out) > Volume to Chase & Boyd
  • Noah Brown (Out) > Tank Dell & Nico Collins ++ projection 
  • Tampa Bay Secondary (Injured)> Colts wide-receivers 
  • Kyren Williams (Returns from IR)

Top Game Stacks: 

  • Josh Allen or Jalen Hurts w/ Steffon Diggs &  A.J. Brown ( 65 points) 
  • Trevor Lawernce or C.J. Stroud w/ Travis Etienne and Ridley/Kirk or Dell/Collins (any combination comes up to a projection around 55-60 points) 
  • Gardner Minshew or Baker Mayfield w/ Jonathan Taylor/Rachaard White & Mike Evans/Pittman. Also viable Josh Downs & Chris Godwin. 
  • Josh Allen or Jalen Hurts w/ D'Andre Swift/ James Cook, and DeVonta Smith (A.J. Brown/Stefon Digs). 

Top Targets

  • QBs: Josh Allen (BUF), Trevor Lawerence (JAX) 
  • RBs: James Cook (BUF), Rachaard White (TB)  
  • WRs: DeVonta Smith (PHI), Mike Evans (TB) , Josh Downs (IND) 

There you have it! Good luck to everyone this week with your Reignmakers NFL Week 12 Lineup!

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