DraftKings Reignmakers NFL Week 8 Diary: NFT Portfolio Insights, Game Stacks & Top Selections

DraftKings Reignmakers NFL Week 8 Diary: NFT Portfolio Insights, Game Stacks & Top Selections
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Almost HALFWAY through the regular season now, which seems crazy but is true, and the second season of the NFL Reignmakers Fantasy Game is taking shape. With the last set of pack drops starting this week, prices were again strained a bit, and created a bunch of potential values moving forward. 

In this article, I'll delve into the details of this strategy, outlining how to minimize investment while maximizing potential returns. Let's dive in.

Portfolio Recap & Strategy for Week 8

After DraftKings revealed the future utility of cards, I chose to retain most of my portfolio, emphasizing building my 2023 collection via my extensive 2022 collection, which boasts over 1,500 NFT cards with top-tier players.

Thanks to Lucky Trader's lineup optimizer, we can now seamlessly create our lineups.

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Boy, last week was a week that was riddled with "what could have been."... After discussing the Chicago Bears RB situation in this very article last week and mentioning that my portfolio had shares of all of them, D'Onta Foreman put up a ceiling game. That allowed me to swap in my best late-game team, which included Travis Kelce. But, a complete letdown from my superstar wide receiver Cooper Kupp, and a mediocre game from Matt Stafford failed to get me inside the top 20 of the ELITE tier contest, and returned around $300 for the week. To be able to do those switches, I did have to purchase a few cards and decided to go with Pittsburgh's offense, in Kenny Pickett and George Pickens. Combined, I paid under $300 for the pair, giving me a relatively inexpensive bet on a turnaround for that offense. 

This week, with Miami back on the main slate, I can run two main-tier ELITE lineups using a late swap scenario with the Miami vs. New England game. As of right now, I've added in another AFC East piece on Garrett Wilson and will aim to buy Jerome Ford, Kenneth Walker, or Joe Mixon for upside plays. For cheaper options that could help the team move up the cash board if it doesn't have ceiling games would include Javonte Williams, Gus Edwards, or Justice Hill. 

The Second line features my LA Rams stack in Stafford + Kupp. I've also got a nice game correlation with Geroge Pickens and Calvin Ridley, and with all of those cards being at the elite tier, I have a choice of basically every other non-superstar running back on the slate, given I have a variety of RARE tier runningback cards. The correlation play is either Tony Pollard or Travis Etienne. The lean is Pollard right now. 

If you haven't already, starting to transition from the CORE to the RARE tier is necessary, given the shift in prize pools, as I continue to do that with my portfolio as well. 

Week 8 Slate Breakdown

Week 8 offers a Classic Slate with 13 games. Instead of a detailed breakdown, I'm highlighting crucial statistics, key injuries, and a few primary targets.

Game Info

  • Top Projected Game: Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots
  • Lowest Projected Game: Atlanta Falcons vs Tennesee Titans 
  • Top Projected Team: Miami Dolphins
  • Lowest Projected Team: Tennesse Titans 

Key Injuries & Replacements

  • Daniel Jones (Out) > Tyrod Taylor
  • Robert Woods (Out) > Tank Dell 
  • Zay Jones (Out) > Calvin Ridley?
  • Ryan Tannehill (Out)> Will Levis & Malik Willis 
  • Deshaun Watson (Out) > PJ Walker 
  • Deebo Samuel (Out) > Brandon Ajiuk 

Top Game Stacks

  • Patrick Mahomes with Travis Kelce & Jerry Jeudy: 60 Points
  • Tua Tagovialoa with Tyreek Hill & Rahmondre Stevenson: 58 Points
  • Joe Burrows with Brandon Aijuyk & Ja'Marr Chase: 56 Points
  • Joe Burrows with Christan McCaffery & Tee Higgins: 55 Points
  • Dak Prescott with Tony Pollard & Cooper Kupp: 55 Points 

Top Targets

  • QBs: Kirk Cousins (MIN), Patrick Mahomes (KC)
  • RBs: Breece Hall (NYJ), Jonathan Taylor (IND)
  • WRs: Chris Olave (NO), CeeDeeLamb (DAL) 

There you have it! Good luck to everyone this week with your Reignmakers NFL Week 8 Lineup!

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