NFTy 50 | Kevin Punks Break Into OpenSea Top 100, Art Blocks Volume Boost

NFTy 50 | Kevin Punks Break Into OpenSea Top 100, Art Blocks Volume Boost
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Last week I introduced the NFTy 50, a weekly update that breaks down news and notes from the NFT projects that are ranked 50-100 in volume traded on OpenSea each week. Each week, I snapshot the OpenSea rankings at noon ET on Monday and comment on any notable updates or inclusions. Did an unsuspecting project see a huge volume spike? Was there a key story line that created a significant volume change for a relatively dormant project? Anything is fair game. 

To check the OpenSea rankings yourself, please refer to this page. Though not all project's are included on the Lucky Trader rankings page, a similar list can be found here. 

Now for this week's notables...


53. LetsWalk | 658 ETH Traded | 731% Increase Last 7 Days

Thanks to the recent LetsWalk Round 8 drop, the LetsWalk collection saw a massive increase in trading volume over the last seven days. The most recent round of characters from DeeKay featured animations depicting notable NFT influencers or characters mirroring some of the most important NFT projects and traits. For example, this LetsWalk NFT showcases the popular NFT and crypto personality, KeyBoardMonkey. Explore the entire collection below. 


60. Kevin Punks | 601 ETH Traded | 0.42 ETH 

Yeah, the Kevin thing got really out of hand. After a laughable reveal from Pixelmon that sparked an insanity-fueled meme pump of Kevin, the friendly? Pixelmon creature, a handful of derivatives flooded the market looking to capitalize on Kevin. Not sure who or what Kevin is? We caught up with him. 

As all things in NFTs were Kevin last week, it makes sense (sadly) that Kevin Punks, a derivative crossover of Kevin-like CryptoPunks, found itself in the top 100 in OpenSea trading volume. 

If you really want reallllllllly want can explore the collection below. 



73. Ringers | 506 ETH Traded | 1307% Increase Last 7 Days

It's been some time since the original Art Blocks Curated projects made dents in the OpenSea activity rankings, but this week both Ringers by Dimitri Cherniak and Chromie Squiggles by Snowfro find their way into the top 100. 

Some of this may be due to the overall market selloff pushing market participants into more widely accepted "blue chip" NFTs, though that is clearly speculation. Otherwise, Ringers was clearly buoyed by the sale of Ringer #376which was auctioned off, sending proceeds of its sale to the Ukranian relief effort. 

88. Howlerz | 390 ETH Traded | -92% Decrease Last 7 Days

After minting out a few weeks ago in a sort-of-but-not-really-stealth mint, Howlerz has seen a sharp decline in both traded volume and floor price (0.27 ETH at time of writing). The CC0 project launched was launched by Christie's employee and NFT connector, @NonFungibleNoah.

In a week with lots of deep red decreases in terms of total volume, Howlerz were among the largest losers. 

89. Chromie Squiggle | 372 ETH Traded | 130% Increase Last 7 Days

Last but not least, Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro saw a 130% increase in total traded volume over the last seven days, pushing it inside the top 100 this week. Could it be we see a small resurgence in Art Blocks Curated pieces? Or are Squiggles protected thanks to historical provenance as the market loses more liquidity and floor prices drip lower? 


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