NFTy 50 | Juicebox Frens Breaks Into Top 100, Reveal Tonight

NFTy 50 | Juicebox Frens Breaks Into Top 100, Reveal Tonight
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Each week, the NFTy 50 provides a weekly update breaking down some of the most notable NFT projects that are ranked 50-100 in volume traded on OpenSea for the respective week.

I snapshot the OpenSea rankings at noon ET on Monday and comment on any notable updates or inclusions.

Did an unsuspecting project see a huge volume spike? Was there a key story line that created a significant volume change for a relatively dormant project? Anything is fair game. 

To check the OpenSea rankings yourself, please refer to this page. Though not all project's are included on the Lucky Trader rankings page, a similar list can be found here. 

Now for this week's notables...


62. Kajiu Kongz | 553 ETH Traded | 0.29 ETH Floor

The fifteenth "Kaiju" project earns a spot in the notable section of NFTy 50 thanks to the controversial burning mechanics the team is deploying.

Refer to the following tweet from our curated newsfeed on Twitter (which you should follow if you don't already). Through their burn mechanisms, Kaiju Kongz is slated to burn any NFT that is listed below each floor threshold at the time indicated in the below graphic.

Typically, projects that treat delistings and artificial floor price movement are not received well by the community. Yet - the collection has done done more than 500 ETH in trading volume over the last week and holds a floor that approaches the next benchmark for burning. 


64. CryptoPunks V1 (Wrapped) | 535 ETH Traded | 14.2 ETH Floor

Did you hear? Yuga Labs bought CryptoPunks and Meebits IP from Larva Labs.

Shortly after the move though, CryptoPunks V1, which was the first CryptoPunks collection (later scrapped due to an error in the contract) was restablished on OpenSea, allowing trading of the assets. 

For some, this collection has now become the beacon "Punks" collection, the true manifestation of cypherpunk - NFTs far from the influence of roadmaps, execution and venture capitalists.

Because the collection was just recently re-added to OpenSea, it doesn't have a volume comparison compared to last week, but it will be interesting to follow the potential competition between this collection and the now Yuga-owned CryptoPunks. 



69. 10KTF Gucci Grail | 501 ETH Traded | 1.5 ETH Floor

A few days remain until the 10KTF Gucci Grail NFTs are slated to reveal.

The reveal, which will take place on March 23, will hoist into the spotlight NFTs from notable collections, including Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, and more - all of which have received a "Gucci Upgrade." 

The collection which features collaboration between 10KTF a physical/digital fashion designer, Alessandro Michele of Gucci, and Beeple (?!) holds just over 4,250 assets as approximately 170 mint passes went unused. At present time, the mint passes may not be used to mint a Grail NFT. 

The grails are expected to provide future utility and access to drops, though those remain shrouded in mystery. 


72. XCOPY | 499 ETH Traded | 99% Increase Last 7 Days

XCOPY announced a new Nifty Gateway drop coming on March 24.

The reply tweet indicated that a burn mechanism will be implemented for previously dropped "Afterburn." The full details are still to come, but the announcement sent XCOPY pieces upwards, increasing the trading volume by 99% over the last seven. 



84. Juicebox Frens | 432 ETH Traded | 0.12 ETH Floor

Despite having just dropped last night, Juicebox Frens has already found its way into the top 100 in total trading volume for the week.

The project, headlined by artist @SeraStargirlsold out its collection in just over 4 minutes. 

The promise of Juicebox Frens? Nothing. 

There is no Discord. No roadmap. No utility. Just memes. 

Reveal is slated for tonight at 7:20 p.m. ET. 

Once the assets reveal, you can find their corresponding traits and rarities at the collection link below. 


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