NFT Artist Recap | OSF, XCOPY x Deca, Justin Aversano, and More

NFT Artist Recap | OSF, XCOPY x Deca, Justin Aversano, and More
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As the NFT scene continues to hype 10,000-piece profile picture projects, various digital artists are diligently creating and growing in the NFT space.

In this weekly recap, we'll break down some of the most notable NFT Artists and their upcoming and most recent works.

This week we will be featuring OSF,  XCOPY, Justin Aversano, Pop Wonder, and Ryan Koopmans. 

OSF 'rektguy', 'Dinner', & RLD  

OSF has been headlining the NFT Art Scene lately, with his newest "rektguy" collection, top "Dinner" sales, and an upcoming holders airdrop.

The rektguy collection was minted for free to holders of past OSF artworks. ~8,814 were minted and now hold a floor of 0.63 ETH after peaking above 1 ETH on May 29. 


The rektguy collection features neon flashing profile pictures representing OSF's iconic style. The collection has generated so much buzz that even Snoop Dogg has changed his PFP. 

As the rektguy craze continues, OSF's 1/1 "Dinner" quietly sold yesterday on SuperRare, for $78,000.

XCOPY Partners With Deca in 'Right Click Share'

XCOPY partnered with Deca Art to bring "Right Click Share" an NFT Art experiment to life. 

The experiment pits 574 pieces, each which contains one pixel out of the 1,024 pixels that make up the entire piece of "Right Click Share #0"

Holders of the Right Click Share pieces can attest to their piece online with Deca Art.

Each year the holder must re-attest the art to show their belief in the space and to preserve the original artwork as an "enteral flame."

"Right Click Share" pixels currently hold ~0.65 ETH floor with 574 pieces minted. 

Doppelgänger from Justin Aversano

Photographer Justin Aversano is hosting an NFT mint, "Doppelganger," through Quantum Art. The collection pulls inspiration and content from Aversano's original collection, Twin Flames, the #1 NFT photography project (floor of 127 ETH).

Today's AI-based free-to-mint NFT project will be for holders of Quantum Key NFTs and holds an IRL component as well, allowing IRL minting until June 5. 

Looking to get in on the action? Quantum Keys hold a floor of 5.6 ETH at the time of writing. 

The Doppelgangers NFTs will use outtakes and manipulations of the original Twin Flames photographs.

Each of the 1,000 pieces has an algorithm that will add pixelated rectangles to transform the photos into more abstract art.

Pop Wonder 'This is Fine'

Pop Wonder, known for his iconic cartoon style, sold "This Is Fine" for 15 ETH on Tuesday through SuperRare.

Inscribed "The first time burns, but after a few dips it feels like home," the artwork might take inspiration from the recent bear market NFTs have experienced recently. 

Despite the bear market, Pop Wonder NFTs have held up just fine with a floor price of 22.22 ETH for Pop Wonder World NFTs on OpenSea.  According to Pop, this will also be the final piece in the Pop Wonder SuperRare artwork series.

Jim Carrey Purchases 1/1 From Ryan Koopmans via MoonPay 

Jim Carrey tweeted about his first NFT purchase, a 1/1 from Ryan Koopmans. 

Carrey noted, "This one stops me."

According to the transaction data on SuperRare the NFT was first purchased by MoonPay for 20 ETH and later transferred to Carrey. 

Ryan Koopmans is a Dutch Candian digital artist whose "Wild Within" series has garnered acclaim over the last year.

The collection delicately captures nature as it flourishes within photorealistic, rendered indoor scenes. 

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