DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR: 'The Approach' Drop Analysis

DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR: 'The Approach' Drop Analysis
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The first five events of the inaugural DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR season have come and gone. The initial Genesis Set pack drop saw its “Birdie” packs (priced at $199.99) sell out within a few days. 

The Genesis Set represented 25% of the total mint of each player for the entire year for the top three rarity tiers, ELITE, LEGENDARY, and REIGNMAKER. The respective scarcities are listed below. 

As you can see, 25% of the total yearly supply for the upper tiers was part of that first set. Another 25% goes towards prize packs, which are 1-card packs won through DFS or other Reignmaker PGA TOUR contests, leaving roughly 50% of the supply of the top three tiers to be released throughout the season. One of those releases is this week, with a first-of-its-kind release schedule. In this article, I’ll cover all the specifics you need to know about the Approach Set. 

Set Name: The Approach 

DraftKings is trying a new approach with the release of a new set of golf cards. Instead of releasing all the cards at once, the entire set will be released over the next five weeks. The cards can be used for the rest of the season's contests. Here is the “mint” count for the entire Approach Set:

The golfers are categorized into four groups, labeled Group 1-4, based on where they finished the season on the FedEx Cup playoffs last year. The release schedule for each golfer will be determined by the number of golfers playing each week, and what percentage of their total mint still remains. Only golfers playing that week will have a card in the packs dropped for that specific week.

The release schedule for each golfer is based on their first three appearances in the next five weeks. For example, Scottie Scheffler, a group 1 golfer, is set to tee it up at The Masters next week. Because it will be his first appearance over this 5 week span, 60% of his total supply of cards from this set will be released. Below is an example of the rollout for Scheffler's cards:

Week 1

  • CORE: 108 cards
  • RARE: 108 cards
  • ELITE: 60 cards
  • LEGENDARY: 20 cards

Now, as of right now, Scheffler is scheduled to play in the even directly proceeding The Masters, the RBC Heritage. If that schedule remains the same, here is what you can expect to see out of Scheffler’s card’s for week two of the 5. 

  • CORE: 54 cards
  • RARE: 54 cards
  • ELITE: 30 cards
  • LEGENDARY: 10 cards

Lastly, Scottie is also scheduled to tee it up at the Wells Fargo Championshp, which sits as the last tournament of the next five. Here is how allocation of cards look for that week, if it is in fact his third time playing.

  • CORE: 18 cards
  • RARE: 18 cards
  • ELITE: 10 cards
  • LEGENDARY: 3 cards

Now that we’ve covered an example of a “group 1 or 2 golfer” let’s just take a quick look at the release schedule for a group 3 golfer that’s scheduled to compete at the Masters next week. There are only a few group 3 golfers that are scheduled to tee it up in The Masters next week, and Jason Day is one of them. So, let’s assume Day has the same playing schedule as Scheffler over the next five weeks and plays The Masters, the RBC Heritage and the Wells Fargo Championship. 

Masters Editions:

  • CORE: 135 cards
  • RARE: 135 cards
  • ELITE: 75 cards
  • LEGENDARY: 25 cards

RBC Heritage Editions:

  • CORE: 45 cards
  • RARE: 45 cards
  • ELITE: 25 cards
  • LEGENDARY: 8 cards

Lastly, is group 4 golfers. Group 4 golfers will have 100% of their supply released upon their first tournament played in these five weeks. So, for example, Tiger Woods, one of the only two group 4 golfers competing in The Masters next week (he and Mike Weir), will have his entire supply released the first week. So, expect a ton of Tiger cards in your packs.

Ok, now that we’ve covered, the what, why, how and when, it’s time to take a deeper look at each week, and try to determine which packs are the most +EV  based on price, and who is expected to be in the packs.The main way to do this is to start with The Masters, and determine who is playing from each group. Let’s do that now. 

Group 1 and Group 2 Golfers competing in The Masters:

43 of the 52 golfers that have a DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR card that are set to compete next week come from either groups 1 or 2.  Let’s cover the other nine golfers:

Only nine golfers are in these groups and realistically, only two golfers won’t have much utility after The Masters, Mike Weir and Tiger Woods. The initial pack drop appears to be loaded. Even the other seven golfers playing next week from Groups 3 and 4 will provide plenty of utility as the season goes on.  

The last thing left to cover is how much the packs will cost for The Masters.  

  • RARE packs will cost $24.99 and feature at least 1 RARE card and 4 other “wild” cards that are either CORE or RARE.
  • ELITE packs will cost $499 and feature at least 1 ELITE and 4 other “wild cards” that are either RARE or ELITE.
  • LEGENDARY packs will cost $3,500 and feature at least 2 Legendary and 3 other “wild cards” that are either LEGENDARY or ELITE. 

The oack prices for the ELITE and LEGENDARY will drop in price after the first week and cost $249.99 at the ELITE and $1,499 at the Legendary. If you own a “Greens Pass,” you can start purchasing these packs during the pre-access window on Tuesdays at noon ET. The public can buy these packs starting at 5:00 p.m. ET on Tuesdays preceding the events. 

Be sure to check back in early next week for our extensive coverage of next week’s event and so much more! 


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