Play-to-Earn Weekly | Zed Run Announces Major Racing and Product Updates [Plus More]

Play-to-Earn Weekly | Zed Run Announces Major Racing and Product Updates [Plus More]
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Welcome to Lucky Trader's weekly roundup of the top play-to-earn news. Each week, we'll cover everything you need to know about the top P2E games and projects, focusing on their upcoming releases, game updates, and more.

This week, we're talking about: Zed Run updates, Ethernal Elves's roadmap, Battlebound's seed round, and Frontyard Baseball's mint.



Zed Run Racing and Product Updates

Last week, Zed Run announced an update to the tournament schedule, expanding the experience to include:

  • Maiden Mondays
  • Conditional daily tournaments
  • New daily tournament budgets
  • Finals distance rotation

Stable owners have already begun to see the new changes with the finals distance rotation this week to 1000m sprints, 1600m mids, and 2200m marathon races. 

In addition to the expansion of tournament layout, Zed Run is also incorporating new racing filters that can adjust by distance type, fee type, and by free/paid races only.

The Zed Run team also released news this past week of a new, upcoming tournament that features only Buterins class Z21 or above. 

Stables can enter up to a maximum of five horses at a cost of 0.002 WETH. 

Buterin Bonanza launches on Apr. 15 at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Finally, the Zed Run team announced the airdrop of commemorative skins from the Class 1 Premier Tournament.


Ethernal Elves Introduce New Token, $MOON

Last week, Ethernal Elves released an update on a number of items and refreshed the community on its 2022 roadmap. 

The Elves ecosystem is introducing a new token, $MOON, that will be used as an LP incentive token with governance features and in-game utility.

Crusades are launching in roughly two weeks, which is the game mode that Sentinels will utilize to gather artifacts. Artifacts are a main component, along with $REN and scrolls, to mint the Elder Collection. 

During the time between Sentinel Crusades and Elder Mint (originally slated for May 2022), the team is launching two new game modes: 

  • Boss Battles, players fight a boss together
  • PvP, players fight each other and put anything up for the prize pool



Battlebound Raises Nearly $5 Million During Seed Round

Battlebound recently closed a $4.8 million seed round on Mar. 31, led by Andreessen Horowitz, Play Ventures, and Dapper Labs.  

The Battlebound team is headed by Adam - Damos (@optechart on Twitter), who was the tech lead for Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends at Riot Games. 

Recent seed funding is being funneled into the creation of the "Evaverse" and a creature collection game called "Project A."

Learn more about Battlebound on their website. 


Frontyard Baseball Starts Its Minting Process

Frontyard Baseball is a unique collection of 25,000 randomly generated "Kids" NFTs that play baseball and live on the Polygon blockchain. 

Frontyard is developing a 9v9, play-to-earn strategy game that allows holders to make real-time decisions regarding their players.

Each Kid consists of eight different stat categories that determine their rarity, overall performance, and preferred skill-set in the game. 

Performance statistics initially range between 30-100 for each category, but holders will be able to utilize Fronyard currency, called $BSBL, to upgrade statistics.  

Each player falls into rarity tiers based on stat allocation, and this will also be used to help aid the balance in the matchmaking process. 

The tiers are as follows: 

  • Hall of Fame: 700+ Stat (5%)
  • MVP: 650+ Stat (12.5%)
  • All-Star: 600+ Stat (20%)
  • Veteran: 550+ Stat (27.5%)
  • Rookie: 500+ Stat (35%)

Frontyard Baseball has minted roughly 3,500 NFTs at the time of this writing. 

Learn more about Frontyard Baseball via its Gitbook article here. 

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