Play-to-Earn Weekly | ZED RUN Updates, Undead Blocks Launch

Play-to-Earn Weekly | ZED RUN Updates, Undead Blocks Launch
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Welcome to Lucky Trader's weekly roundup of the top play-to-earn news. Each week, we'll cover everything you need to know about the top P2E games and projects, focusing on their upcoming releases, game updates, and more! 

Top P2E News and Upcoming Projects:

  • ZED RUN Community Updates
  • The Red Village Delay Continues
  • Llamaverse goes P2E
  • Upcoming: Undead Blocks


ZED RUN: Breeding and Token Update

ZED RUN recently extended the first Class 1 Premier Tournament an extra week through March 28 due to a Polygon network outage.

Horses can qualify through paid races with horses playing in higher-priced entry fee races being rewarded with multipliers. 

Click here to see current Class 1 Premier Standings via Know Your Horses.

The ZED RUN community also received an update on token development on March 18 via Discord. The message reads, "The ZED Token has been deployed on the Testnet and is currently under audit by Quanstamp."

The ZED Token has a floating target of early Q2 for launch, but future utility and distribution details are yet to be released. 

Lastly, ZED RUN announced a major breeding update where "traits and abilities will be passed down through generations more predictably."  

On Tuesday evening (EST), the team discovered there was an incorrect application of the breeding decay penalty to a number of offspring and temporarily closed the stud farm.

The penalty "can be reversed," and the community received an update that the breeding decay had been fixed to the 1,402 impacted horses. The Discord announcement also alluded that stable owners who bred the affected horses will receive a "Breeding Catalyst" (not the current owners of the horses), a new consumable to be used in the breeding process.

The Community seems to already be catching on:

In addition to the Class 1 Premier, ZED also introduced a "0% Win Rate Race" available in Classes 4-6 with a $2.50 entry fee.

This means your glue can finally grab a win... eventually! 


The Red Village Delay Continues..

The Red Village recently delayed launch after internal testing for their Alpha Tournament was inevitably effected by the Polygon network outage.

As of this morning, there has been no update since their latest tweet indicating a "threading bug" issue that is being addressed. 

The "Tournament" tab on the website is currently still showing as "Coming Soon."

Be sure to follow Lucky Trader News for up-to-date, daily news.  


Llamaverse introduces Llamascape

Llamaverse recently announced via Twitter plans to create a play-to-earn ecosystem where holders can stake or own land to earn tokens to purchase items such as allowlist opportunities, NFTs, and digital assets. 

March has been a packed month for the Llamaverse team, with anticipation for a marketplace launch on Polygon, completion of Llamascape HUB Release on NFT Worlds, and AlphaSharks Tool Access. 

As of March 18, all holders could stake and start earning $SPIT. 

Since the release of staking, open world development, Metaverse land acquisition, and other collaborations, Llamaverse has gone from an average floor price of 1.739 ETH to a real-time floor price of 3.88 ETH.   

There is no official release date for Llamascape yet, but Twitter indicates an early Q2 2022 release. 

P2E Mint: Undead Blocks

Undead Blocks is a collection of playable characters featured in a kill-to-earn, Zombie survival created by Wagyu games. Each Zombie Kill earns holders $ZBUX, which are used on the Undead Blocks marketplace to equip powerful weapon NFTs and upgrade them to increase damage, ammo capacity and accuracy.

The ecosystem has two native tokens that serve different functions - UNDEAD and ZBUX. 

  • UNDEAD Tokens are used to purchase weapon NFTs in the Undead Blocks ecosystem and used for ecosystem governance. 
  • ZBUX Tokens are reward currency in the Undead Blocks ecosystem and backed by UNDEAD token.
    • ZBUX are allotted $0.10 a token (stablecoin)

The project is releasing in three packages:

  • Amateur: Knife and Pistol at 0.1 ETH
  • Survivor: Knife, MP5, and Pistol at 0.3 ETH
  • Assassin: Knife, AK-47, Pistol, Shotgun, and Random Perk at 0.5 ETH

Click here for more information on the founders, gameplay mechanics, and sneak peeks on their website. 


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