The Approach Set Update: Zurich Classic Edition

The Approach Set Update: Zurich Classic Edition
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The Approach set is in its third week of a five-week rollout as DraftKings continues blending aspects of weekly packs and season-long use. These packs contain golfers competing in each week's event but also offer utility throughout the year.

This week, however, the season-long utility is at its lowest due to numerous Group 4 golfers making their debut, while only a few Group 1 and 2 golfers participate. Despite this, the packs' utility this week is at its peak, and we'll delve into the details below. Stay tuned as we explore DraftKings' new Reignmakers PGA Tour set.

Golfer Group & Drop Breakdown

Below find a breakdown of all the golfers competing this week.

Group 1 & 2 Golfers

A Total of 27 golfers from groups 1 and 2 are competing this week. Before we get into the actual percentage of the overall drop, let’s cover the other golfers:

Group 3 Golfers

A total of 32 golfers from Group 3 are competing this week, and all are making their second straight start. Thus, the remaining 25 percent of their total supply will be in this set.


Group 4 Golfers

A total of 41 golfers from Group 4 are competing this week. However, 12 of them have already played once in the last two weeks therefore, their entire player card supplies have been released. 

Weekly Update and Breakdown

Pack contents this week should contain the following approximations:

  • Group 1 or 2: 12%
  • Group 3: 18%
  • Group 4: 70%

It is the lowest percentage of Group 1 or 2 golfers we’ve seen yet. However, many of those golfers aren't playing this week anyway. Therefore, packs could retain solid value, particularly at the RARE level. Looking for specific golfers from this set that may be good values this week? Check out our slate breakdown on Wednesdays providing a few of the top values for this week’s event.


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