This Week Today with Lucky Trader (Nov 8-12): KINGSHIP, CloneX, Treeverse, and More

This Week Today with Lucky Trader (Nov 8-12): KINGSHIP, CloneX, Treeverse, and More
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A bear market for prices did not hold down news from the last week. 

Logan, Lou, Danny, and Alex broke down the week of news, headlined by KINGSHIP, CloneX, Treeverse and more. Find the stream, pod link, and show notes below. 


On Thursday, Universal Music Group and 10:22 announced the formation of KINGSHIP, a music group being built and headlined by four Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. The NFTs come from the collection notable collector and entrepreneur Jimmy McNeils. McNeils commented in the official press release, "This deal is a leading example of how powerful commercial rights are for collectible NFT projects and their collectors. I’m incredibly excited to explore this new area of NFT ownership with Celine Joshua and 10:22!” 

RTFKT officially announced the release date for their upcoming project, CloneX. You can learn more about CloneX drop in our drop preview from Lucky Trader contributor, Alex Hugh-Sam.

Treeverse, Timeless, and the Metaverse

Treeverse, the Metaverse project being built by notable NFT collector, Loopify, officially announced the launch date for their companion avatar project - Timeless

Timeless, a collection of 11,111 avatars built for the Treeverse Metaverse, will drop on November 17, 2021. Treeverse Founder's Plot holders can mint one Timeless avatar for 0.22 ETH. Additionally, NFTTree holders are able to mint one Timeless avatar for free. 


NFL and Dapper Labs, or Coinbase NFT? What Brings More People In?

The NFL embracing NFTs in a recent tweet brought about conversation regarding the eventual Dapper Labs and NFL NFT marketplace. The group on stream debated whether the NFL or Coinbase will bring more unique first time NFT buyers. Go vote in Logan's poll and share your thoughts about this question.

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