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Top 5 Traits for CryptoPunks | Lucky Trader
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CryptoPunks is a collection of 10,000 24x24 pixel characters that was free to claim for anyone with an Ethereum wallet back when the project launched on June 23, 2017.

Below we'll explore some of the most popular and recognizable traits in the collection.

What Are CryptoPunks Traits?

Every CryptoPunks NFT comes with an “attribute” and a “type." An "attribute" can range from a Tophat to Clown Nose, to 3D Glasses. While "type" refers to the species of a respective CryptoPunks NFT. CryptoPunks can have the type of Alien, Ape, Zombie, Male, or Female.

There are 10,000 different variations of CryptoPunks NFTs that feature these traits but some traits are notably rarer than others and tend to trade at a premium such as Alien, Ape, and Zombie Punks. 

While the aforementioned traits are considered the rarest types, there are many notable attributes that are rare and also trade well above the floor price of typical CryptoPunks.

For example, CryptoPunks with the Hoodie trait trade at a premium despite having a supply of 259 (2.59% of the total). The average sale for a Punk with the Hoodie trait is 273.22 ETH according to the Larva Labs CryptoPunks app. 

Below we'll walk through the top five traits for CryptoPunks.

Beanie CryptoPunks

Beanie is the rarest of the CryptoPunks attributes as only 44 (0.44% of the total) NFTs sport the multi-colored hat with a spinner on top. 

Not only is the Beanie trait rare but it trades at a premium compared to the floor of the collection as the average sales price of a Beanie CryptoPunks NFT is 331.69 ETH while the floor of the collection sits at 67.49 ETH according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings.

In 2022 Beanie CryptoPunks NFTs have seen multiple offers of over 400 ETH with a 444 ETH offer in June 2022 and a 450 ETH offer appearing in April 2022. 

7-Attribute CryptoPunks

While each and every CryptoPunks NFT is unique, CryptoPunk #8348 has an edge over its 9,999 counterparts. As previously discussed, each Punk can have a variety of attributes, but these traits can stack on top of each other.

For example, as you could have a Hoodie Punk with 3D Glasses and Buck Teeth, or a "three-trait" Punk. Nearly half of all CryptoPunks (45.01%) have three traits. =

CryptoPunk #8348 features the Cigarette, Buck Teeth, Classic Shades, Earring, Top Hat, Big Beard, and Mole traits, a total of seven traits.

It is the only CryptoPunk in the collection with seven traits, adding to the significance and rarity.

The last sale of this Punk dates back to May of 2020 for 85 ETH ($18,102 at the time), almost a full year before Bored Ape Yacht Club released and took NFTs to the masses.

Though less rare, 11 CryptoPunk NFTs have six traits and an average sale price of 398.85 ETH.

For more on the history of CryptoPunks, check out Lucky Trader's comprehensive guide to the collection

Zombie CryptoPunks

There are a total of 88 (0.88% of the total) Zombie CryptoPunks NFTs in the collection. 

Zombie Punks make up 25 percent of the top 12 sales for CryptoPunks of all-time with the highest ever sale recorded at 2,000 ETH, almost $7,000,000 at the time of the sale on September 11, 2021.

In August of 2022, there were a total of seven offers on Zombie CryptoPunks NFTs that totaled more than $1,000,000.

Ape CryptoPunks

While Zombie Punk sales are exceedingly high, Ape Punks have taken the price action to a whole new level. There are only 24 (0.24% of total) Ape Punks in the entire collection.

Ape Sales account for six of the ten highest CryptoPunk sales of all-time denominated in ETH, and the highest ever USD sale when an Ape Punk sold for more than $10,000,000 in December of 2021. The same Punk, CryptoPunk #4156, later created the highest ETH denominated sale of all-time when it resold for 2,690 ETH in 2022

CryptoPunks NFTs with the Ape Type trait trade at an average of 2,600 ETH on the secondary market.

Alien CryptoPunks

Many consider Alien Punks to be the holy grail of the collection as there are only nine (0.90% of total) Alien NFTs in the entire collection.

Something cannot be considered the “holy grail” of a collection without the sales numbers to back up that title though, and Alien Punks have more than enough numbers to back up its status as the #1 trait.

There have only been three individual CryptoPunks sales that totaled over 4,000 ETH and each of those sales was an Alien CryptoPunk. 

The most expensive Alien CryptoPunk traded for more than $24,000,000 at its time of purchase on February 12, 2021. This sale of CryptoPunk #5822 and that of CryptoPunk #4156 are the only two CryptoPunks NFTs to sell for more than eight figures.

While there are technically nine Alien Punks, a few of the wallets that hold these NFTs haven’t been active for months or years. Because of the lengthy inactivity, many in the NFT community have speculated that these NFTs may be in lost wallets, making the true supply of Alien Punks even smaller than nine pieces. 

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