DraftKings Reignmakers Contest Selection Strategy Recap | Week 6

Chris Koch
DraftKings Reignmakers Contest Selection Strategy Recap | Week 6
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This week’s DraftKings Reignmakers fantasy football contest selection strategy recap breaks down the entry counts and contest selection from Week 6. 

Below I'll discuss what changed in contest value and selection from last week. Furthermore, I'll look at how Reignmakers no longer being available in Pennsylvania affected this week's contests.

Week 5 vs Week 6 Recap

There were some big changes this week that affected the Reignmakers contest values compared to last week.

Reignmakers No Longer Available for Those Located in Pennsylvania

The first big shakeup was DraftKings no longer allowing players physically based in Pennsylvania to enter contests on the Reignmakers platform. I suspected the entry count could be a bit lower the week after this news, and ultimately that rang true. Contest entries on DraftKings Reignmakers were down approximately six percent compared to Week 5.  This benefits players in guaranteed tournaments but was obviously a detriment to those located in Pennsylvania.

Cuts to Prize Pack Prizes

Another change was DraftKings cutting the prize pack payouts this week. The prize pack party contest payouts were cut in half across all rarity tiers and the number of prize packs awarded in the Fiat Frenzy’s was cut in half across all rarity tiers as well. These cuts did somewhat offset the benefit of the lower entry counts.

New Top Value Contest

While the Featured Star contests this week were cut from three contests to two across all rarity tiers, Core and Rare actually got a new contest that replaced it.

While the Core one didn’t stand out, the Rare (Main Slate) Rookie Prize Pack contest snuck in this week with prizes that included legendary rookie packs to the top 20 finishers. Based on floor values of the cards available in the rookie prize packs, this became the top overall value contest on the slate. With EV being roughly 13.6 percent of lineup cost it was one of the best value contests for the main slate.

Deep Roster vs Main Slate Recap

As I expected, not much changed in terms of strategy for main slate versus deep roster contests compared to last week.

Main slate contests continued to offer better value contests than the deep roster contests in all tiers except for the Rare $30k (Deep Roster) Fiat Frenzy which continued to offer a better value.

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