What Is Moonbirds Oddities? Everything You Need to Know

What Is Moonbirds Oddities? Everything You Need to Know
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On Friday, during a Twitter Spaces, Kevin Rose confirmed the newly created Moonbirds Oddities Twitter account is associated with the Moonbirds project, leading to speculation on what the new “odd little side project” is all about.

Rose said the Oddities won’t be tied to a Moonbirds nesting tier “per se,” but it is “tied to nesting” and that a holder has “to be nested to be ready to receive an oddity.”

Who Is the Artist Behind the Moonbirds Oddities Project?

On Friday’s Spaces, Rose said the art for the Oddities project is coming from a “talented designer that we all respect in this space.”

The only non-Moonbirds account Oddities is following is @supergremplin, the artist/creator of CrypToadz and founder of the Nouns project. On Saturday, the Oddities account tweeted an audio excerpt along with the following emojis, the first of which resembles the popular Nouns glasses trait created by Gremplin.

The partnership with Gremplin was officially confirmed on Sunday, May 22.


What are the Moonbirds Oddities?

Rose and PROOF Collective co-founder Justin Mezzell discussed the Oddities during the Spaces, saying they first considered making eggs for the Moonbirds.

But the aforementioned designer approached Rose with the idea: “‘Hey, wouldn’t it be crazy if the owls did something a little bit different?’”

“Owls, they actually hunt things like rats and beetles and mice and all these different types of little varmint (sic),” said Rose on the Spaces. “And I had no idea this was the case.”

“They actually create these little things called pellets. They don’t sh*t them out. They like regurgitate them,” Mezzell said. “And when you dissect them, inside of them though, these little bones of the creatures and everything that they ended up eating — this is horribly disgusting.”

When Was the Moonbirds Oddities Airdrop?

A day after the Oddities account tweeted, "in the nest, the oddities will appear," Moonbirds announced the official OpenSea link for the project. 

There are 10,000 Moonbird pellets, and the collection is expected to reveal July 20.


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