What Is New With Robotos? Robopolis Updates and More

What Is New With Robotos? Robopolis Updates and More
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Robotos, a collection of10,000 robot avatars, hosted a town hall on YouTube on Thursday, April 14, 2022. For users who were not able to attend, below is a summary of the topics discussed. 

Key Takeaways: future and prior events updates, Robopolis and Robotoland progress, community roles for building, POAP from the town hall, TV show update, new merchandise, Robotos soundtrack.


Future and Prior Events

  • The team ran an event with Wonderpals at NFT LA. 
    • 160 people showed up to participate in the event.
    • Each attendee was gifted an "Alpha Box" that contained exclusive merchandise.
  • Robotos will be in Japan at the Shibuya Scramble Square.
    • They will be hosting a live painting event where the paintings will be turned into NFTs. 
    • The paintings will be made by the team and guest artists from Japan.
  • There are plans in place for the team to attend both Veecon from May 19-22 and NFT NYC from June 21-23.

POAP for Townhall

  • The team briefly posted a QR code for the attendees of this Town Hall event. Participants were then able to scan the QR code to get a free POAP (Proof Of Attendance Protocol) for the event.

Robotos TV Show Update

  • Pablo stated that they have signed an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) regarding the show so he is not capable of sharing all that is going on surrounding the upcoming television show.
    • The show is still in the works but the team says writing a show takes time, as does the animation. 

Robopolis and Robotoland Updates

  • The team has stated that the Robopolis Metaverse is the primary focus of the team.
    • Robotos will be opening up roles to community members. The team is in need of writers, architects, artists, performers, and producers.
      • A form for the roles will be shared in the Robotos Discord. 
    • Items and tokens will be attainable in the Robopolis Metaverse through quests.
    • Upgrades to Robotos will be done in the workshop within Robopolis.
    • Originally the plan for the land in Robopolis was that it would be tied to the Robotos NFT, meaning if the user sold their Roboto they would also sell their land. The team is moving away from this.
      • Pablo said they would touch on further details of this at a different time. 
    • Robopolis can handle at least 700 users at once currently and the team plans to be able to host hundreds of thousands of users as they move forward.
    • NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) have been added to Robopolis and the team as well as community writers will be able to shape the dialogue of the NPCs.
    • There are portals in Robopolis where users can enter and immediately transport to somewhere else in the metaverse.
      • The team has added contract gated portals, meaning if a user does not own an NFT from the contract on the portal they cannot use the portal.
    • The team has added a cinema, shopping plaza, and a wellness center to the metaverse.
      • The wellness center will be used for mediation and the team is looking for users to help lead the wellness center meetings.

Robotos Soundtrack

  • The initial Robotos roadmap included plans for a music project. While this roadmap item is still expected to be completed, the team has pivoted to making a soundtrack for Robopolis.


  • The team has partnered with brands and artists to bring more exclusive merchandise to holders.
    • Robotos is partnering with Cult and Rain to design varsity jackets for their holders.
    • The team also partnered with community member @penguitt for special merchandise.
    • The team wants their future Roboto toy drops to be paired to an NFT. 
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