What We Know About Invisible Friends

What We Know About Invisible Friends
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Invisible Friends is a collection of 5,000 walking, animated NFTs slated to drop on February 22, 2022. The collection has garnered lots of acclaim thanks to its unique and appealing aesthetic, body-less characters strutting in infinite loop.  With the drop looming in just one week, we broke down everything we know thus far. 

Invisible Friends Key Details

Mint Date: February 23, 2022

Mint Time: 5:00pm ET

Mint Price: 0.25 ETH

Supply: 5,000 Invisible Friends NFTs

Available: All 5,000 mints are allocated to presale allowlist spots. 

The Socials 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/InvsbleFriends

Notable follows: Cozomo de Medici, Betty NFT, Vincent Van Dough, Bharat Krymo, Zeneca, Keyboard Monkey, Gmoney, Carlini, Poopie, Moon Overlord, Andrew Wang, Pranksy, Andy8052, Deeze, Gary V

Discord: Random Character Collective, 302K Members. The Random Character Collective Discord is currently closed to new members until the Invisible Friends Mint is completed. 

Website: https://invisiblefriends.io/

What Are Invisible Friends NFTs? 

Invisible Friends is a collection of 5,000 animated NFTs depicting a variety of walking characters. While each Invisible Friend NFT is made up of various attributes, including hats, clothing, and more - they are each “body-less” (hence their invisible nature).

The collection will largely consist of randomly generated NFTs from a set of traits, with five uniquely curated (1 of 1) NFTs. 



The Invisible Friends collection is the third NFT collection minted as part of the Random Character Collective. 

What Is the Random Character Collective? 

The Random Character Collective is a group of three animated NFT projects: Mood Rollers, Slim Hoods, and Invisible Friends. 

At present time, the Random Character Collective (RCC) has not shared any formal plans for the future, but a tweet from SlimHoods artist James Curran indicates that the Random Character Collective is “one community of many animated characters.” 

Lucas Zanotto and Markus Magnusson and their respective collections Mood Rollers and Invisible Friends are the latest two to join the collective. 

The booming Random Character Collective Discord originally started as only a home for SlimHoods. Since rebranding, each animated community has earned their own channels for collectors and community building. 




How Did the Random Character Collective Impact Allowlist?

Although the allowlist has now officially been set for the Invisible Friends mint, the Random Character Collective played a large role in determining which wallets would be eligible for an Invisible Friend NFT. 

Using a points system that awarded one point per RCC NFT held, the Invisible Friends allowlist ensured that all wallets with at least four points would make the allowlist, guaranteeing at least one Invisible Friends NFT. 

Beyond those with four points, any wallets with two or three RCC points would be entered into a raffle for the remaining allowlist spots. Though the snapshot has already been taken, at present time approximately 1500 individual wallets hold four or five RCC NFTs. 


Who Is the Invisible Friends Artist? 

The Invisible Friends NFT artistry comes from Ukrainian artist and animator Markus Magnusson.

Markus is a well known and established animator and artist that has been working on “invisible friends-like” productions for quite some time. Prior to his work with NFTs, Magnusson had worked on projects for notable brands like Disney, Google, and more. 

As a creator he has looked to both Patreon and course sales to fuel his career, but has now turned his attention fully to Invisible Friends and NFTs with no updates on his individual Patreon or motion design course in over a year. 

In early January, Magnusson started auctioning off other works, including one previously featured in an interview for Working Not Working Magazine in 2019. Perhaps his most notable sale is a unique 1 of 1 NFT that resembles the Invisible Friends test renders. This 1/1 sold for 20 ETH on January 6, 2022. 

More Magnusson works can be found via his Foundation page




What’s On the Invisible Friends Roadmap? 

As of right now, nothing on the Invisible Friends website indicates any specific plans for the Invisible Friends roadmap. However, there is one minor exception - a cryptic note in the Invisible Friends Twitter bio detailing an eventual collaboration with Nguyen Nhut, the creator of the Clayboys Collection. 

The note indicates the collaboration should come in the middle of 2022. 

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