ICYMI: Robotos Town Hall and Roadmap 2.0 Update

ICYMI: Robotos Town Hall and Roadmap 2.0 Update
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Robotos is a collection of 10,000 droid characters designed by Pablo Stanley that live on the Ethereum blockchain. They are constructed from various metal outfits, tin faces, digital accessories, top pieces, faces, backpacks, arms, and colors, making each one unique from a combination of 178 different traits. On Tuesday, January 18, 2022, they hosted a Town Hall that went over their updated Roadmap 2.0. For those who could not attend, below is a summary of the topics discussed by the team. 

Key Takeaways: toys and Plushies are on the way, 3D models are being created for metaverse use, music collaborations within and outside of the community, production of the animated show pilot has begun, Robotos community fund will allocate 50% of the budget to community-led initiatives.

Toys & Plushies

  • The team has been in talks with companies to create and distribute their toys and plushies.
    • These will be limited-edition drops.
    • With the toys, the team wants you to be able to mix and match traits, so expect the toys to be customizable and come in parts. 

3D Models

  • The team is creating 10 fully rigged 3D models for holders.
    • These will be put in a new collection separate from the Robotos. 
    • Models will be fully functional with Decentraland, the popular metaverse.
    • The models will not be 1/1 matches of specific Robotos in the collection.
    • Distribution will be discussed later, but will be in the form of an airdrop.

Art Gallery

  • Robotos will have a pop-art gallery that will travel around the world
    • It will feature artists from outside of the community and team.
    • The team is finding hoping to find ways to legally paint big murals worldwide.
    • Some of the pieces will have Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities.
    • They gallery will travel to at least; New York, Tokyo, London, San Francisco and, Los Angeles. 

Roboto Music Project

  • Robotos wants to collaborate with musicians inside and outside of the community.
    • Throughout Q1 and Q2 there will be five singles that will be released as a way to celebrate the community.

Suit Up Upgrade

  • The Suit Up tool presents a fun way for holders to dress up their NFTs. Instead of having free apparel, the team will be minting Suit Up NFTs to the blockchain.
    • To switch into tokenized apparel holders must possess the NFT in their wallet.
    • Classic suits will be airdropped to all holders.
    • Useable in the team's Microverse.

Merch 2.0

  • Not only will there be new merchandise available but the team has decided to tokenize some of the merchandise. 
    • There will be token holder-only merchandise.
    • There will be shirts, hoodies, and hats plus more in this drop. 
    • The limited-edition drops will all be tokenized drops.
    • You can use the apparel in the metaverse.


  • The team is looking to partner with brands that appeal to all demographics, inside and outside of the NFT community. 
    • They are in the process of working with licensing experts.
    • There will be more news on this front in Q2.

Community Fund

  • The community fund which has been used to pay the team and fund initiatives is now fully established.
    • 50% of the budget will now be used for community-led ideas.
    • The team and holders will use snapshot.org to vote on initiatives. 
      • 1 Roboto is equal to 2 votes.
      • 1 Robopet is equal to 1 vote.

Animated Series

  •  In collaboration with TIME magazine, Robotos is developing an animated children's series based on Robotos.
    • The team is currently in the process of creating the world the characters live in while writing the show episodes. 
    • A future announcement about the show is to be expected soon.
    • They are working on the production of the pilot episode with an animation studio.


  • The team has been building their own metaverse known as the Microverse.
    • The goal of the Microverse is to create a world where every Roboto can connect and create together.
    • There will be different Mircoverse's for different communities.
    • Certain NFTs will have access to different privileges.
    • The team will be hosting art events and music concerts within the Microverse as well as Twitter spaces. 
    • There will be playable mini-games that holders can play.
    • Start of Q2 when the builder tools are ready, they are creating a visitor experience.
      • Builders can create their own world and have control over it.
      • Each NFT will be tied to a space within the Microverse.
      • The team will supply templates that help you build your space.
      • By owning a Roboto you have a space.
        • If you sell your Roboto you also sell your space.

Q&A Session

In this section, Q indicates a question and A indicates an answer.

This is a summary, not verbatim.

  • Q: Will I be able to purchase merchandise online and put it on my Roboto?
    • A: Yes you will be able to do that. You will also be able to wear it in the metaverse.
  • Q: Will I be able to sell this digital merchandise as well?
    • A: Yes, all holders of digital goods will have the ability to sell their goods however they please. 
  • Q: What are you most excited about in this new roadmap?
    • A: Can I pick two? The show for sure. Building and creating these characters is such an extraordinary experience. It is a dream come true. The second would absolutely be the Microverse. It is so fun the build this, for the games, it is like you are building something that is alive. Despite us not having a background in gaming we view that as an advantage for our creative process. You as the audience will get to create your own stories with what we give you. 
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