What's New With the littles NFT?

What's New With the littles NFT?
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Hoping to stay updated on all things the littles? Below we've provided a recap of the most recent update from the project, including all of the announcements and updates from the past two weeks. 


  • the littles dreamers
  • Best frens alerts role
  • Top secret plans: revealed! 

The Littles Dreamers

  • The team has announced the littles dreamer, which is a launchpad to support community members who have big ideas and want to create cool stuff together!
  • You need to be a littles owner and will need to pitch your idea by February 15 at 5:00 p.m. PST to have an opportunity to be selected. Hopeful participants can follow this link to see what needs to be included in the pitch.
  • The selected projects will all receive 5 ETH to help build it out and will also get mentorship, guidance, and marketing support from the littles team.
  • This was inspired by the Kongz Tank from the CyberKongz project.
  • The team has also made a Q&A to answer additional questions on the littles dreamer project. You can find all the questions and answers here.

Best frens alerts role

  • Want to have the chance to earn giveaways or prizes from raffles? You can now claim the best frens alerts role in the littles Discord. After claiming, users can head to the  #🔔︱best-fren-alerts channel to be notified whenever the team is hosting a raffle or giveaway.

Top Secret Plans: Revealed


  • The team finally revealed their future plans through a medium article and a teaser on Twitter.
  • Wil, the project's founder, writes that the team wants to target both tangible and intangible emotions and divides their unveiling into experiences (tangible) and entertainment (intangible).


He divides the experiences into 3 different phases:

Phase 1 - Level Up

  • This revolves around the arcade games that are teased from the tweet discussed above.
  • You will be able to utilize tokens from other projects (Cyberkongz, Sup Ducks, Cool Cats and Kaiju Kingz) to play games in the littles’ arcade.
  • And by playing these games, you’ll be able to get upgrades from the ecosystem (thelittlekongz, thelittlesups, thelittlekings, thelittlecats).

Phase 2 - Engage

  • This phase encourages interacting with your littles that will produce both tangible and intangible rewards. 
  • This sounds like you would be able to customize your littles, but this is pure speculation.

Phase 3 - Wagmi

  • Phase 3 will allow you to flex and experience all of these moments with your frens.
  • From the teaser above, it seems like this might be a world/area where you can talk to other littles, but once again this is pure speculation.


The second pillar of the littles plans involve storytelling.

Phase 1 - Moments

  • Capturing enjoyable moments that resonate with the community is key in developing a meaningful emotional connection.

Phase 2 - Stories

  • Through these deep connections, the team will start telling deep and immersive stories that will solidify the bond in the community.

What else?

Wil closes out by saying that on top of these plans, the team is also planning to produce IRL experiences, brand collaborations, merchandise, and more littles initiatives as well.


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