What's New With the littles NFT?

What's New With the littles NFT?
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Trying to stay updated on all things, the littles? Below is a summary of all of the announcements and updates from the team in the last two weeks. 

Tldr; The littles Christmas party, updates on the Christmas campaign, the littles NFT giveaway, mental health spaces, working for the littles team, and what’s upcoming in 2022.

Christmas Party

  • 700+ community members attended the event on December 22, 2021
  • The event had live music, custom jingles, lots of !weeee and also three cash giveaways to littles owners.
  • A POAP was made for the attendees which automatically entered participants to a littles NFT raffle.

Christmas Campaign

  • Collectively, the community has raised 30K+.
  • This has helped the team fund a machine for the BC Children’s Hospital.


Littles NFT Giveaway

  • Wil asked members of the community in the discord to give him random numbers to choose giveaway winners. In the end, two addresses walked away winners. 

Wil on Twitter Spaces

  • @WilxLee talked about how to market an NFT project on a Twitter spaces hosted by Dylan Hattem. You can find the recording here. Here are some highlights.
    • Branding actually came from Wil’s daughter who is only two years old. When watching his daughter play, it reminded him of his younger days when it was okay to rock a hoodie whenever he wanted to and can wear a cap without it being “weird." Essentially, the littles was to bring fun to the NFT space.
    • The only real marketing effort that was done to the project was to host the project's partners. Wil believes in under promising and over delivering.
    • What people don’t understand is that an NFT project is like running a company. It takes a lot effort to build something that is of quality.” - Wil
    • Wil’s priority is the community, which is why the focus in onboarding quality people as community members and quality people as team members.
    • One initiative that Wil believes really worked for him was the “build in public” mechanism on Twitter. Instead of shilling his project, he simply shared his thought process of a founder and talked about problems that he was trying to solve real time and would share it in the open.
  • The littles member @LIL LOXE hosted a Twitter space where @Wil shared his journey on what it’s like to be a founder and how mental health has played a part.


  • The littles are still looking for new members to join their core team. 
  • Such roles include community manager, animator, game designer and more. You can go to this link in the discord to view all of the openings.
  • Lurvli has also made a Twitter thread on what the team is looking for in a community manager.

Plans for 2022

Though nothing specific was mention, the team indicated lots more would be shared in 2022. 

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