When it Comes to Reignmakers Contests, Ownership Doesn’t Matter

TD Marquis
When it Comes to Reignmakers Contests, Ownership Doesn’t Matter
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In most daily fantasy sports contests, due to pricing and shared resources, ownership typically gravitates toward similar plays. 

For example, in the Week 1 Milly Maker (DraftKings’ main non-Reignmakers GPP), about 27 percent of the field rostered Indianapolis Colts WR Michael Pittman Jr.

But in Reignmakers, Pittman’s card was used by just 3.39 percent of rosters in the main CORE GPP: the $100K Fiat Frenzy.

That tournament also saw surprisingly flat ownership, with the highest owned cards hitting around 4 percent.

The winning lineup of QB Jalen Hurts (3.63 percent), RB Saquon Barkley (3.31), WR Justin Jefferson (3.21), WR A.J. Brown (3.31), and RB D’Andre Swift (3.23) combined for 16.69 percent ownership. There was one duplicated lineup in the top 5 and two in the top 20, where the tiebreaker of lower serial numbers came into play.

Why is that? Because of the reasonably low supply (for example, there were 23,851 entries but only 792 Saquon Barkley cards played) and the one-SuperStar-per-lineup restriction kept holders from stacking lineups with studs.

Card ownership percentage was pretty similar in the ELITE and RARE tier main GPPs, with a few significant differences. SuperStar ownership was significantly less in the RARE $150K Fiat Frenzy than the ELITE $300K Fiat Frenzy, with players like RB Christian McCaffrey seeing 3.6 percent in the RARE and 5 percent in the ELITE.

Top 20 Ownership in the Middle Tier

Ownership was a little more concentrated in the Reignmakers contest, though there was one duplicated lineup (Hurts/Christian McCaffrey/Keenan Allen/Michael Pittman Jr./Joe Mixon) of the 158 lineups entered. There, the most rostered players were:

  • QBs: Joe Burrow (10 percent), Jalen Hurts (8.86 percent)
  • RBs: Alvin Kamara (8.86 percent), Joe Mixon (8.86 percent), Chase Edmonds (6.96 percent), Aaron Jones (6.96 percent)
  • WRs: Keenan Allen (8.86 percent), Tyreek Hill (6.33 percent), Darnell Mooney (6.33 percent), Marquis Brown (5.7 percent)
  • TEs: Travis Kelce (9.49 percent), Kyle Pitts (5.7 percent)

Because of the current supply and SuperStar designations, ownership doesn’t seem to matter much across all Classic contests, but that could change as more cards are released/purchased on the platform.

SuperStars and Showdown Ownership 

The most surprising ownership stat from the week’s contests was the relatively low percentages on Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen and Los Angeles Rams WR Cooper Kupp cards in the Thursday Showdown slate. Both were the highest owned at 34 and 30 percent captained, respectively, but most users deployed the two (both SuperStar status) in the captain slot. 

Users may not have to be that unique to take down Thursday’s Showdown contest with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert, and teammate running back Austin Ekeler all having the SuperStar designation.

While ownership doesn't matter much in classic, if you are looking to be unique in the lower-tier showdown contests, there could be advantages to playing non-SuperStars in the captain spot.

Prize Pools Dip

There’s no guarantee the packs on the marketplace sell out, mostly due to the declining prize pools. 

Here are the prize pools for last week’s main Reignmakers GPP tournaments by tier:

  • REIGNMAKER (The Alpha) - $200K
  • LEGENDARY - $200K
  • ELITE - $300K
  • RARE - $150K
  • CORE - $100K

And here are the same Week 2 contests:

  • REIGNMAKER - $100K
  • LEGENDARY - $100K
  • ELITE - $250K
  • RARE - $80K
  • CORE - $50K

The reduced prize money hasn’t chilled marketplace volume, which hit $1.469 million over the past 48 hours, as of Tuesday afternoon. But keep an eye on the prize pools, as any changes will change users buying and selling strategy.

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