Yuga Labs Confirms Mint Price, Land Drop, & Changes Time of 'Otherside' Launch

Yuga Labs Confirms Mint Price, Land Drop, & Changes Time of 'Otherside' Launch
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Earlier this week, Yuga Labs, the creator of the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem, shared details on its upcoming The Otherside Metaverse and corresponding Otherdeeds NFTS. 

Last night, the final details dropped, confirming the mint price of Otherdeeds, and changing the drop mechanic, date, and time. The mint will still only take place on https://otherside.xyz and no other promotion of the site or event will come. 

Below, we've gathered all the details you need to know ahead of the highly anticipated drop. 

Who Can Mint Yuga Labs' Otherdeeds NFTs? 

To mint, users must have completed the know your customer (KYC) requirements that were previously asked for on somethingisbrewing.xyz earlier this year.

If you did not complete the KYC requirements prior to the deadline, you will not be eligible to mint Otherdeeds NFTs during the primary drop on Saturday. Those who did not complete the KYC process will be able to buy Otherdeed NFTs on the secondary market. 

If you are a Bored Ape Yacht Club or Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT holder, you can claim an Otherdeed NFT during a 21-day period that starts on Apr. 30. Holders of BAYC or MAYC assets may claim an Otherdeed NFT even if they did not complete the KYC requirements. 

What Is the Mint Price for an Otherside 'Otherdeed' NFT? 

Yuga Labs announced late on Thursday night that Otherdeed NFTs would be sold for a flat fee of 305 ApeCoin ($APE), the project's native token. All of the APE generated from the sale will then be locked for one year. 

When Is the Mint Date and Time for The Otherside 'Otherdeed' NFT? 

Though previously scheduled for noon ET on Saturday, Apr. 30 - Yuga Labs announced a change to its plans, bumping the mint start time to 9:00 pm on Apr. 30.

To avoid last-minute delays or concerns, any approved KYC wallet can pre-approve the Yuga Labs smart contracts ability to spend APE. Those who wish to pre-approve their wallets ahead of time can do so starting at 9:00 am ET on Saturday. 

This process allows Yuga Labs to deduct APE from the user's wallet in exchange for the NFT. Please exercise extreme caution when interacting and approving transactions of this nature. The process will only take place on https://otherside.xyz


How Will The Otherside Mint Happen? 

The Otherside launch was first announced as a Dutch auction, a mechanic where items can be purchased at a set starting price and that price then decreases over time until the supply is exhausted.

However, the latest announcement from Yuga Labs switched the Otherside launch to a flat fee purchase. Each Otherdeed NFT can be purchased for 305 APE, approximately $6,775 per NFT at the time of writing. 

The mint will take place in waves, according to the Yuga Labs blog post "Dutch auctions are actually bullsh*t," which dropped on Thursday night. 

In the sale's first wave, eligible wallets and individuals who completed the KYC requirements will be able to purchase a maximum of two Otherdeeds for 305 APE each.

After a certain period of time, when gas fees diminish, a second wave may be enacted, allowing a maximum of four Otherdeeds per wallet. Additional waves may be started until 55,000 total plots are sold out. 

It is not guaranteed that there will be a second wave, nor are there specific details indicating when that wave may begin. 

This story is developing. As more details are shared, Lucky Trader will continue to update the story. 

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