Yuga Labs Releases 'The Voyager's Journey' and More Otherside Metaverse Details

Yuga Labs Releases 'The Voyager's Journey' and More Otherside Metaverse Details
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Yuga Labs released "The Voyager's Journey," and more details on the Otherside metaverse alongside a demonstration of gameplay late on Wednesday night. 

More details emerged on Otherside.xyz, the home for the current Otherside metaverse. 

Once there, under the Obelisk tab in the new navigation menu users can find The Voyager's Journey - details on the lore and seemingly cryptic roadmap of events to come. 


What Is The Voyager's Journey? 

The Voyager's Journey outlines the steps in which users will be able to interact with the Otherside metaverse and Otherdeeds NFTs. 

Below, we'll walk through each step from the website's journey map. 

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The First Trip

The First Trip is the first step on the Voyager's Journey, a technical demonstration exclusive to Voyagers, or holders of Otherdeeds NFTs. A sneak peek of the First Trip was shared with Twitter users on Wednesday night, showcasing a Bored Ape Yacht Club asset running around the Otherside metaverse. 

The remaining detail below the First Trip indicates that after witnessing the technical demonstration, users will be able to gather, explore, and plan for what is to come. 



The Codex

After the First Trip, users will learn more about interacting within the Otherside metaverse with the Codex. The Codex is set to be a living document, co-written by Voyagers (Otherdeeds NFT holders), which is expected to detail important aspects of the Otherside lore as well as provide education for onboarding new users. 

For example, in the Codex users are said to learn how to "link your Lands and more." 


Koda Origins // The Decoupling

In this step of the journey, a cosmic earthquake disrupts the Otherside metaverse and brings Kodas a vision of their past as well as the decoupling of constituent parts from Otherdeeds NFTs. 

This is perhaps the most profound event on the newly displayed "Voyager's Journey," seemingly confirming that Kodas, artifacts, and resources will all become their own NFTs, tradeable freely without the land plot or Otherdeed NFT. 

When combined with the unfolding lore and more details from the Codex, users should be able to build and interact in a way that best suits their interests. 


The Growth 

In the Growth, Otherdeeds NFTs will "rumble to life" and start generating resources for the respective holders. However, in this section, it is also noted that another species - perhaps Kodas or something entirely new - will emerge. 

Details are expected to be provided in the Codex, which has not yet been revealed. 

The final wisdom shared in the Growth suggests "Heed the Codex." 


The Agora

The Agora section of the Voyager's Journey appears to confirm an eventual marketplace, or at least the separation of NFTs. 

The section reads, "Voyagers, come together to buy, sell, barter, and trade for what you need. Or craft new items from raw materials. Let us build, create, and innovate with each other." 

With the decoupling event a few steps prior, and details strongly outlined within the Codex, users should have an idea of how the Otherside Metaverse resources interact by this step. 

Additionally, with the Growth, users will have started generating resources to then be used when the marketplace is ready. 


The Dream 

In the Dream, an "impossible" arcade machine is said to emerge in the Biogenic Swamp, a section of the Otherside metaverse. The description from the Voyager's Journey suggests that users will be granted a trip that should be "used wisely." If so, a reward can be expected. 

The arcade machine reference harkens back to the original roadmap from Yuga Labs' Bored Ape Yacht Club, in which the Bored Apes were to use the Arcade Machine to "mutate" into Mutant Apes. 

Could the new arcade machine reward users with a separate NFT? 


The Choice

The Choice alludes to something beyond the Otherside metaverse. There is mention of new creatures that call the Otherside home and hints at friends and foes, which could seem to suggest a battle-style game or event. During this stage, new lands are said to activate and be available for Voyagers. 

It is important to note that there are expected to be 200,000 Otherdeeds NFTs, but only 100,000 Otherdeeds exist at present time. The Choice may be an answer as to "when" the next 100,000 Otherdeeds NFTs get minted and shared, and at that time users will need to decide which "side" they are on. 


The Settling

"The Otherside is what you make of it," is the description given to the Settling. At this point in the Voyager's Journey, it appears that users are able to freely play, gather and craft resources, explore the metaverse, and populate their land. 


The Toolkit

The Toolkit points to the inclusion of the SDK, a software developer toolkit, that enables others to build and expand the Otherside metaverse. Many have hoped that Yuga Labs and partners would create an environment that was open or decentralized for others to build and join, and this seemingly confirms it. 

At the launch of Otherside.xyz the SDK tab was available in the navigation menu. The menu is still there and active and prompts users to choose which type of SDK they are interested in. 




The Aeronauts

Perhaps the most cryptic section of the Voyager's Journey, the Aeronauts confirms suspicions that much of the Otherside is "shrouded in mystery." However, it goes on to ask "Who knows what Voyagers might discover with a different perspective?"

There is one big thing that stands out about this section - the title, Aeronauts. 

Remember all those trailers and sneak peek videos with the helicopter being flown by a Cool Cat? 

Might the Aeronauts be telling us that others can interact in the Otherside, but users must find a way in? 

yuga helicopter .webp



The Rift

Last but not least, the Rift rounds out the Voyager's Journey. 

The Rift is "an interdimensional rift cuts open the sky."

Voyagers, it’s time to fully explore," the website reads. "Choose your starting stats and skills. Your work on the Obelisk is complete, but there is still much more to be done."

This is another section without much detail, and only a few cryptic hints to pull from. 

Could choosing stats and skills relate to the Otherdeeds NFTs themselves, or perhaps the new creatures mentioned previously? 

Will an opening be the opening of the Otherside metaverse to other NFT collections, maybe after the Aeronauts get the first crack? 

This section ends the Obelisk, or the foundational parts of the Otherside metaverse, but there is expected to be much more beyond. 


How Did the NFT Market React? 

After hungrily awaiting more news from Yuga Labs about the advancements or plans for the Otherside metaverse, the market did react quickly to the news. 

At the time of writing Otherdeeds NFTs have seen a nearly 40 percent increase in volume over the last 24 hours, but general market conditions have not helped the floor price. 

The Otherdeeds NFT floor price sits at 2.75 ETH at 6 a.m. ET, approximately 0.75 ETH below most users' cost basis during the mint process and down nearly 7 percent over the last day. 

As the world wakes up to more news about the Otherside metaverse, how might those numbers change? 


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