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New Wallet Sweeps $50,000 of Pudgy Penguins
New Wallet Sweeps $50,000 of Pudgy Penguins
Julian Son

A wallet recently swept a total of 13 Pudgy Penguins for a total of more than 42 ETH ($51,000), according to Etherscan.

The wallet was created in November 2022 according to OpenSea and was funded with more than 132 ETH today via a Binance account. Shortly after the wallet received the ETH, it made a 66 ETH offer on CryptoPunk #2868, but then canceled the offer and instead immediately swept the 13 Pudgy Penguins on the OpenSea marketplace. 

The sweep helped propel the floor price to 3.18 ETH, a gain of seven percent over the last week. 

Pudgy Penguins have been in the news quite a bit recently, most notably announcing that a handful of NFTs are headed to auction at Sotheby's

New Wallet Sweeps $50,000 of Pudgy Penguins

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