6529 Releases the Global Rights Charter v1 (GDRC 1)

6529 Releases the Global Rights Charter v1 (GDRC 1)
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Today, 6529 announced the release of the Global Digital Rights Charter v1 (GDRC 1).

❗ Why It Matters

6529 describes the GDRC as a statement of human rights in the digital realm. And it feels more pertinent than ever given what's happened in the last week, not just the SVB situation but also the US administration's proposals around doubling the capital gains tax rate, instituting a 30% excise tax on the cost of powering crypto, and classifying ETH as a security.

🔍 Need to Know

  • The GDRC 1 NFT is a video that highlights the text of the GDRC 1 and was made by @6529er.
  • Free to mint (+ gas), available in unlimited quantities. No royalties and it is CC0.
  • The original draft was written by 6529 in summer 2022, and the current version was improved with the help of input from dozens of other people from various backgrounds and fields.

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

ğŸŽ¤ Community Quotes

Here is something to raise your spirits in tough times. This charter is extremely important, and we all need to feel ownership over making it great. Our digital future just might depend on it. This charter is not @punk6529's, it is all of ours.Ned Ryerson

🔜 What’s Next?

  • 6529 noted that he would see what comes from the community over the next few months and perhaps release GDRC 1.1 or GDRC 2.0.
  • He would like everyone around the world to continue to iterate on GDRC v1 via Github and contribute adaptations, translations, and so on.
  • And if you agree with the principles of the Global Digital Rights Charter, 6529 encourages you to share GDRC 1 with friends, family, colleagues, and politicians, as it's about spreading awareness throughout society.

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