Bankless Releases First 'Collectible Podcast' of Genesis Collection

Bankless Releases First 'Collectible Podcast' of Genesis Collection

Cryptocurrency podcast and media outlet Bankless announced the launch of their first series of digital collectibles on Friday, minting an on-show debate between Sam Bankman-Fried and Erik Vorhees as a 'collectible podcast' — with all proceeds going to Coincenter.   

Co-founder Ryan Sean Adams detailed plans for the Genesis Collection of Bankless Collectibles in his newsletter, releasing five 100-edition NFTs of the upcoming episodes (starting with today's mint). 

Collectors from the Genesis Collection will have access to an exclusive Telegram channel, and a 1/1 'Golden Egg' edition is hidden in each drop. 

Each NFT minted for .04 ETH to Bankless DAO members and .05 ETH in the public sale, and the floor price currently sits at 0.38 ETH briefly after the sell-out. 


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