Beeple, VeeFriends Collab Hits Wallets

Beeple, VeeFriends Collab Hits Wallets
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VeeFriends and Beeple joined forces to launch Gift No. 12, featuring a unique NFT and physical collectible, available to the 555 Gift Goats holders and 555 Beeple collectors.

🧐 Wait, What? 

Last week Beeple announced a snapshot for Beeple NFT holders, promising something "goat related." Now we know that 555 of those holders will be rewarded with the Gift Goat EVERYDAY. 

The Deets

  • VeeFriends and Beeple Collaboration.
  • Includes Beeple EVERYDAY entitled "Gift Goat" from May 22, 2022.
  • Distribution: Both 555 Gift Goats and 555 Beeple collectors receive the exclusive NFT and collectible.
  • Delivery: The physical collectibles are expected to arrive in Fall 2023.

The Bulk

VeeFriends and digital artist Beeple unveiled a brand new collection and collaboration for Gift Goat's Gift No. 12. This partnership unites two collector communities, offering them an exclusive Beeple-designed NFT and a distinct physical collectible, crafted solely for this collaborative drop.

The physical collectibles, expected to be delivered in Fall 2023, are meticulously designed by Beeple himself and further enhance the rarity and desirability of the release. 

❗Why It Matters

It's difficult to make NFT holders happy at this moment in time, but providing the 555 Gift Goat holders with a piece from Beeple surely can't be met with any negativity. 

📊 By the Numbers

Upon debut the collection holds a floor price of 0.88 ETH, one of the cheapest entry points for a Beeple NFT. At the time of writing, Beeple's EVERYDAYS 2020 Collection holds a floor price of 8.99 ETH. Meanwhile, VeeFriends' Gift Goats maintain a floor of 7.9 ETH. 

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Now I need to sanitize all the viewers eyes! Such an atrocious visualMeliza

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